Link My Ride – Tom Piddock’s Ride-Finding App Launches

Link My Ride


Ineos TdF rider, Tom Piddock, today launches his Link My Ride App. It wants to make it easier for you to find rides and also easier for you or a club to organise group rides.

My first-world problems are that whilst most of my regular cycling group use Wahoo ELEMNT bike computers…some don’t. And whilst we all have Strava we seem to prefer sharing RideWithGPS route links via WhatsAPP whenever we go on the same ride. I strongly suspect that I am not alone in the non-homogeneity of my group’s cycling techiness.

Similarly, on the rarer occasions I go on a club ride, the only thing that works is just turning up on Sunday morning at the usual place and hoping for the best ie that someone else is there and that the route is going to be sufficiently challenging.

On the face of it, Tom’s app seems to solve all my problems providing, of course, the whole group uses the app.

Here is the short workflow I just used to find a group gravel ride that starts at nearby Sigma Sports. I said I was going after viewing the route and one-click downloaded a GPS route file straight into my Wahoo ELEMNT app. I didn’t sync it to the ELEMNT itself but I’m certain that bit would work.

Try it





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3 thoughts on “Link My Ride – Tom Piddock’s Ride-Finding App Launches

  1. Are you having the same performance problems in the app as I do? When I go to explore, it takes up to 3 minutes to show results. And that’s with almost no users in my area (I found 1 next to myself just now).

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