Garmin Forerunner ** 965 ** – My perfect watch – rumours. Imminent?

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I’ve now had 3 independent rumours of the existence of a Forerunner 965, so it’s time to press the Enter button.

Several days ago we had real photos of the upcoming Forerunner 265 (shown above). This is essentially a Forerunner 255 with a high resolution AMOLED colour screen. There is no other info on if it has any other new features so I can only assume that all we get here is a pretty screen and less battery life.

There are no pictures at all of the alleged Forerunner 965 but my amazing powers of deduction bet that it too has a pretty screen and shorter battery life when compared to the Forerunner 955.

So What?

This is a wholly expected move. Garmin ramped up AMOLED capabilities in CIQ System 5 last year and that was the hint that Garmin is taking AMOLED seriously.

We’ve seen AMOLED on several models since then, most notably for me on the Garmin Epix 2 which has to be just about the most perfect sports watch ever. It has a pretty screen and all the serious sporty stuff AND the battery life is not too shabby. Except the Epix 2 is just that little bit too metallic and heavy. I’d like Epix to be just a little bit lighter, please.

And so we have the Forerunner 965. The watch you won’t be embarrassed to wear all day indeed you will be showing off the screen vibrancy and resolution to all your friends (maybe)

AMOLED will likely also come to all Garmin’s high-end watch models sooner rather than later.



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19 thoughts on “Garmin Forerunner ** 965 ** – My perfect watch – rumours. Imminent?

  1. Interesting. Having seen the battery consumption of a Venu 2s recently (not mine), and given your comments about Apple Watch Ultra yesterday, not convinced this will become mainstream/the default for Garmin just yet.

    We’ll see 🙂

  2. After an unexpected attack from Apple, everyone is waiting for the development of the LTE modem in Garmin watches.

  3. Could this be a release very, very soon? DC rainmaker said in both his action camvideos this is gonna be a very busy week.

  4. I would expect them to make it a FR1065, otherwise there’s no scope for keeping the normal screen and battery life. The Epix is quite specifically not a Fenix model, so why would 955 be different?

    1. yes it sounds crazy.
      yet up above there is a picture of the 265 which also is strange. that’s almost irrefutable proof that the amoled version gets the monicker of what otherwise would be the numbering for the next generation

  5. Right now there is no room between an 255 and a 955 for a 655 or a 755.

    Making the 965 more expensive with an oled screen suddenly makes room for a 755 (or 765) with a non oled screen.

  6. Until Garmin can have a truely independent LTE watch that I can call or reply to someone if I need help, or someone needs to contact me, the AW Ultra is going to be my baby for a while. Sold my Epix 2 because it was an Epix PITA with bluetooth cutouts and having to carry my phone.

  7. Almost all Garmin watches except for the Enduro 2 will most likely switch to Amoled. Forerunner 955 to 965, 255 to 265, Fenix ​​7 to Fenix ​​8 – so a continuation of the Epix series is not that likely, except that the Epix Gen 2 will come in a few variations and it should be available in 3 sizes (S, midsize and X).
    But it can all be very delayed, more than was the case with the Fenix ​​7/Epix etc., because there are much bigger problems in production at the moment.

    1. Don’t particularly see what all the fuss is over AMOLED. Too many compromises to get an always on screen, plus we’ve yet to see the long term efects of burn-in. Andd it’s still poor daylight visibility compared to MIP. Sorry, I hope to see MIP as an option for a long while. And I think Polar and Suunto see the same way. AMOLED is merely a AW catch up for catch up sake. Battery life is still miles better with MIP as well.

      1. Agreed. 955 screen is fantastic, and so is the battery life. I will never use it to watch movies so I do not see the point of AMOLED either.

      2. lots of people want pretty screens. that encourages them to wear the watch all day with a decent watchface
        24×7 wearing is important for garmin’s physiology stuff to work.

  8. I wish FR 9×5 series would have bigger screen (like 965x) 1.4 inches
    I like plastic case, light weight, I don’t like heaviness of big metal cases of Fenix Series, but I’m missing bigger screen on 945

  9. I wish it was as big as my Enduro’s screen. When i compared screens of 945 to Enduro 1, the decision to change one to another was very easy to make…
    Having 4 fields in running exercise is already challenging for me to see on the run

    there are no perfect watches 🙁

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