Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad Launched

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Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad Launched

Edit: detailed Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad Review here

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Hapbee uses natural, Ultra Low-Frequency signals to simulate the effects of compounds in the brain like serotonin , melatonin or even caffeine.

Different ‘sound’ frequencies have been shown to simulate the actions of these compounds to the extent that these frequencies can dial in some of the effects of these substances/medications without the need to ingest them.

If you don’t like putting foreign substances or medicines unnecessarily into your body then this is one for you to consider.

Sleep Quality Enhancement

Some people find sleeping hard and a lack of sleep debilitating.

Maybe you already take sleep medication like Zopiclone? It certainly will get you to sleep but it’s addictive and its effects lessen the more you use it. Maybe instead you could take synthesised melatonin? That will probably help you sleep but do you want to take a synthesised version of a substance that your brain’s pineal gland already produces?

Instead, you could use Hapbee, for example, to stimulate the G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR, Melatonin receptors). The Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad does NOT require you to eat or inject melatonin nor does it produce melatonin., it ‘simply’ creates the neurological effect of melatonin.


If you believe that chemicals can stimulate brain receptors then why could those receptors not be stimulated in a different, non-invasive way? You know the sound frequencies make your eardrum vibrate, just because you can’t hear ultra low-frequency sounds doesn’t mean that they don’t make other molecules ‘vibrate’.

Anyway, it’s got a money-back guarantee if you fancy giving it a go.

Another techy approach to better sleep could be to use noise cancelling earbuds, QuietOn Sleep 3 are the best in that field and I reviewed them here.


Hapbee Signal & Blends

More detailed info: Hapbee Review

Different frequency signals elicit different responses. To an extent, you can choose multiple frequencies to simulate multiple effects with Hapbee. Whilst the new smart pillow is focused on SLEEP, other signals can promote alertness, aid concentration and so on.


Hapbee Products

Hapbee originally sold a neck ring product which could be worn when working or put under your pillow, depending on the effect you aimed to replicate at a particular point in the day. However, the ‘ring wasn’t the best product format to put under a pillow. I know mine sometimes got pushed off the bed from under the pillow.

So Hapbee’s new product format is a sleep pad which can fit inside the pillowcase of your existing pillow. It uses the same frequency signals and app as before. This seems a sensible new product format option to me.

Discount: Buy here for $199 (discount automatically applied)



hapbee sleep pad discount
As of 16 September 2022 this is pre-order for Xmas delivery, includes free month of subscription and moneyback guarantee







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