Apple Watch Ultra – Smashed with a hammer

Apple Watch UltraApple Watch Ultra – Smashed with a hammer


I put my new Apple Watch Ultra on for the first time last week and went for a run. Within 10 minutes I had banged it onto a metal bar on the nearby Teddington footbridge.Grrr.

I have a history of scratched Apple Watches yet have still dutifully worn my AW6 despite a couple of minor gouges on the right-hand side. My partner nabbed my stainless steel (+Gorilla Glass) Watch 7 some time ago and, to be fair, that isn’t scratched. Anyway, I feared the worst as my thousand-pound watch is uninsured. Gulp.


I shouldn’t have worried though. Everything was fine and neither the metal casing nor the screen was damaged at all. That was all a relief and I then naturally assumed that it would take more of a battering. But how much more? Well, Tech Rex answered my question in the following video where he smashes the Watch Ultra to pieces with increasingly harder blows of a sledgehammer. It seems pretty robust although his ‘test’ did not have the Watch Ultra on a super-hard surface. Even so…



Then we have Ray’s test where he submerges it in a very special cup.

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11 thoughts on “Apple Watch Ultra – Smashed with a hammer

  1. I can find 3 things that I notice which might be worth mentioning.
    It takes a long time to get to a full charge. over 2 hours.
    Ejecting water out of the speaker with water lock takes multiple tries and sometimes a shake to get the speaker sounding clear.
    The 3rd button is useless in the current state. I use workoutdoors as my go to app and I can’t use the button to start the app. App developer told me it’s complicated to write the code for an app to show up as an option for that button.
    I use to like wearing the watch on my left arm with crown on left. But with that extra button, that’s no longer feasible. I’m always hitting it when I press the crown with my thumb and forefinger on the side.
    Apple should have gone with maybe 3 fully functional buttons and the crown.

    1. Forgot to mention I sold my Garmin Epix 2, and i’m very glad I did. I’ve had it up to here with Garmins bugs and very poor bluetooth management. Also, lack of any real smarts with Smartwatch. I don’t miss it AT ALL.

  2. That’s pretty funny, i’ve never paused a swim. I do lap swimming so the rest screen pops up when I stop. They need to figure out that 3rd button and make it useful!

  3. I’ve tried to replicate hitting the new button with my wrist or arm movements, but can’t. I have a bigger wrist, maybe that’s why? Wish I could send you apicture of my write fully pulled back, i cannot hit any buttons.

    I’m a bigger guy anyways. 6’1 210.

    On the brigher side, i’m getting over 48 hours a charge :). But, even with 9.1 beta 3, the water lock feature is broke for 3rd party apps.

    1. I think it’s so anti-climatic that it’s funny in that sort of way. Would have been nice to see a little smoke, or at least a spark.

    2. Hollywood like with a huge explosion?

      Gotta admit that I’m not a fan of apple stuff. Grew up when their computer only had average specs but exceptionel price tags. And I can’t comprehend cult like worshipping that results in taken out a mortgage AND camping in front of a store for days for a mobile phone. So yeah I am biased.

      But when a friend with no knowledge and interest in computers asks me what I’d recommend and I do not want to spend my time fixing issues, I did recommend i-mäcs.

      Crazy times we live in.

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