Google Pixel Watch – unboxing the ugly?

Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch is boxed and ready to hit the shelves as soon as tomorrow. But does it look a bit too futuristically ugly?

u/techberg_shows some unboxing images at this link and here are two of them plus a confirmation that it’s running Wear OS 3.5. The comparison to the Apple Watch is interesting as the Pixel Watch looks big, presumably the AW is a smaller 41mm version?


Then we have a promo video and some promo literature.





Is Google Pixel Watch ugly?

I wouldn’t say it’s ugly, more of a meh. It tries to be futuristic and to give people that bezel-less experience they think they want. It all seems a bit soulless to me.

A decent watch face should spice things up, although I have to say I’m less keen on getting one now than I was 2 hours ago.



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17 thoughts on “Google Pixel Watch – unboxing the ugly?

    1. yet every triathlete here loved the Garmin 920XT + FR305 and is certain that the best shape for a sports watch is rectangular…unless it has the word Apple on it 😉

      That said Pixel Watch isn’t a sports watch.

    2. We’re talking esthetics. Rectangular Forerunners were ugly so they switched to round watches, simple as that 🙂

      1. true they were ugly but they were functional sports watches essentially just fo ruse in sport. not 24×9 wellness/smart wtaches which require them to look pretty

  1. “every triathlete loved the Garmin 920” and that’s the reason why every Garmin forerunner ever since was round or? By the way the FR305 is not consiedred to a be a “wacth” as it couldn’t show the time

  2. First the fruit watch and now this.

    Polar, Garmin and Co. please have mercy with the5krunner and swamp them with new stuff to tinker with!! 😉

    Those downward rounded edges are the same thing apple does and the boarderless bezzel is what every smartphone does.

    Only us sport guys however are still content with inches wide bezzels and black boarders around our screens.

    Stupid us, I’d say.

  3. Ohh TFK, stop the Apple Watch bashing already. 🙂 I LOVE my AW Ultra over my Epix 2 in so many ways. Getting about 3 days with 2 hours a day working out. Only got about 4 with my Epix 2. The Bluetooth tranceiver on this AW Ultra is unbelievably fast and powerful. Nothing disconnects or has problems connecting. It’s not perfect, it’s not elegant, but it works well for me.

    FYI, I was suppose to get my Engo 2 Eyewear in September, but low and behold, middle of October and still not shipped. I noticed that you had an article on the Activewear. Are you going to try out those glasses?

    This Pixel watch is meant for. Hell, I don’t know. I can recommend it to someone at the gym I don’t like. *lol*

    1. I’m DEFINITELY going to bash the ULTRA part of the Apple Watch Ultra. I do like it tho, I’m just waiting and working out until I get some accurate data 😉

  4. Well now, you do have a point I’ve not considered. It really isn’t “ULTRA”. I have no comeback to that one. You win. :O

  5. Hey TFK, Maybe an Apple Watch 8+. The “+” could account for the larger case size 49mm (because it’s about a 2% bigger display, just more bezel).

  6. I was interested in the Pixel watch, then I saw it & the old hardware it’s using & will not be getting one. I’m holding out for the Oppo Watch 3 if it ever gets a UK release.

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