Bicycles versus Cars. What is the Best Way to Get to Work?

Bicycles versus Cars. What is the Best Way to Get to Work?


Between cyclists and motorists, disputes don’t subside about what is more convenient to move around the city. We decided to find out the advantages of each type of transport and determine who is cooler.

Everything can be rented in 2022. Bicycles are no exception. In the city, you can find lonely electric bikes that can be rented and, after riding, left anywhere in the permitted area. Yes, you can rent not only cars from car rental companies but also bicycles. But which is more convenient: hire a car near me or hire a bike to get to your destination faster? Of course, car rental companies provide a rather larger selection of vehicles for rent than the same bike rental companies. Both Volkswagen Polo and any sports car that accelerates to 100 km / h in 4 seconds can be rented. And then the logical question arises: what to choose?


Pros and Cons


In order to understand the question of what to choose, let’s look at the pros and cons of each type of vehicle.


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Today the bicycle has generally ceased to be exclusively a means of transportation. Today, cycling is a way of life for many citizens, the centre of urban culture. It serves as a link for society – it allows the townspeople to have fun, friendly and active time. Pedalling a bicycle, you discover new beauties of your city.

  • Mobility. The cyclist is not afraid of traffic jams, road works. If for a motorist or bus passenger the city turns into a frozen hell during rush hour, then the owners of two-wheeled vehicles simply do not have such problems.
  • Rapidity. If you choose the best route from work to home, then by bike you can get there much faster than by public transport or car.
  • Benefits for health. Constant cycling strengthens muscles, increases heart endurance and improves blood circulation.
  • Availability. You don’t need an instructor to start cycling, and the learning process takes no more than two days.
  • Environmental friendliness. Riding a bike doesn’t pollute the environment.
  • Inability to transport oversized cargo. Cyclists will have no problem transporting a laptop or shopping from a supermarket, but if you need to transport furniture or household appliances – the bike definitely loses to the car.
  • Safety. Unfortunately, the culture of driving leaves much to be desired. Drivers, unfortunately, often do not consider cyclists as full participants in the road.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of the car.

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A car is a complex mechanism and, in addition to the main ones, there are a lot of auxiliary life support systems in it.



  • Comfort. It is hard to argue with the fact that travelling in a car is much more comfortable than riding a bicycle: comfortable soft seats and the ability to regulate the climate leave no chance for a two-wheeled mode of transport in this category. Rain, snow and ice also tip the scales unambiguously in the direction of the car.
  • Speed ​​when travelling long distances. The car will take you from one city to another much faster.
  • Developed infrastructure. Poorly developed infrastructure in 2022 can be found, most likely, only in Third World countries and seedy villages.
  • Transportation of children. Although it is also possible to transport children on a bicycle, it is still safer to take them to school or kindergarten by car.
  • Non-environmental. Cars contribute greatly to environmental pollution.
  • High cost. At present, the prices of non-luxury cars are high.
  • Parking. In the centre of some big city, it will be difficult for you to find parking.
  • Service. At this point, the car noticeably loses to the bike. The car is expensive and difficult to maintain.


Well, here we have sorted out all the pros and cons of a bicycle and a car. The decision of what is best for getting to work is up to you. If you still cannot make a clear decision, then here are two alternatives for you:


  • Rent a car first, then a bike and drive the same track;
  • Keep both a car and a bicycle in your garage. And crawl one and the second according to your mood.