inbound Garmin Vivomove Trend, Instinct Crossover and, maybe, Austin

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inbound Garmin Vivomove Trend, Instinct Crossover and, maybe, Austin – no news of 265 and 965


It looks like Garmin is about to introduce Vivomove Trend, a low-end, hybrid GPS sports watch with heart rate. In this context, hybrid means it has an analogue display (mechanical hands) and some digital features.

the point of this kind of watch is to appeal to someone who wants a more traditional-looking, perhaps elegant(?), watch that also provides very rudimentary 24×7 health and fitness uses.


vivomove trend
Vivomove 3 shown for reference


This is a similar theme to what we saw recently leaked about the Instinct Crossover on one of Garmin’s sites. This is a very low-end Fenix-like Watch (Instinct) but for the first time also with analogue hands.

I’m not excited by any of these! although, no doubt, they do fill a need somewhere and will probably give better battery life that might otherwise be expected of a similarly-featured watch – mainly because the time-telling feature becomes analogue and hence more power-efficient. That said, the Instinct has a near-limitless battery life in any case so I’m not entirely sure what the need is that is being met here…maybe some people just like hands on their watches…Luddites!

These two watches just about clear up all uncertainties around what watches Garmin could still release this year as now pretty much all the watches leaked earlier are known about. The only remaining leak from earlier in the year was for the Garmin Austin. My guess is that this is an internal name or one that was dropped in favour of the Garmin Marq 2 we saw a few days ago.

new Garmin MARQ 2

Of course, regular readers here already know about the Garmin Forerunner 265 (AMOLED) as we have pictures! and we hear other rumours of an AMOLED 965. However, we’ve not heard any news of a release date this side of Christmas.

Garmin Forerunner 265 (yep!) Pictures – What we know so far



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5 thoughts on “inbound Garmin Vivomove Trend, Instinct Crossover and, maybe, Austin

  1. Hi, and how about Garmin Edge update? 540 or 840? Do you think we might see those anytime soon? My Edge 530 barometer broke and after reading many having the same problem and with 830 as well, decided to wait for a new one. The 1000 series is too big for me… And I’ve been waiting for those for quite a while… And been returning here for some leak info but no luck so far… Thank you!

  2. It’s the the analog G-Shock many people have been waiting for. There’s a reason why there are so many types of watches. People have different tastes, and i love that Garmin will complete their lineup by covering almost every niche. The analog G-Shock look was the last one missing.

    1. You’re absolutely right! After instinct, and instinct solar, this will be an instant get for me! Instinct 2 with it’s lame color options was a big no for me.

  3. I’d really like a hybrid watch that does a lot (not necessarily all) of what a Garmin running watch does. BIggest drawbacks of any to date are a) so many lack GPS, not to mention other running metrics and b) I work in healthcare, all the aesthetics and running metrics in the world mean nothing if a watch has no second hand and/or one won’t remain on screen for at least 6 seconds.

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