Wahoo X adds Voice Chat … and more


Wahoo X gets Integrated Voice Chat


A while back I gave in trying to get everyone in our group to use and understand Discord. Those who had teenage kids strangely found it easy, the others?…less so.

Thus it was in months gone by that if you wanted to have a chat with your buddies whilst riding, you had to master some 3rd party text- or talk-based channel. Now you don’t have to. In Wahoo X, the chat feature is included in the standard subscription.

Getting it to work

I had to update to the latest version of X on my PC and everything seemed to work just fine from the get-go with my Logitech camera/mic/speakers.

In my case, I wasn’t especially interested in talking to strangers today so I created a custom channel and a mate joined up. Had they typed in a slightly different name they would, instead, have created a new channel but all was good. I was cycling with the A-Team today!


In a sample size of me and AN. Other there was no noise worth noting.

chat Take Out

This feature has been requested for a loooong time and will no doubt prove popular. It seems to work well for a brand new feature although perhaps some thought can be given to make riding with the same people in the future slightly easier than us all knowing or remembering which channel name to use.

I suspect in the not-too-distant future we will see video chat added.

There are other new features too today

Wahoo New Features

You can see from the following list of new stuff that the chat features have a few more nuances than I described, namely NEARBY RIDERS and RACE RADIO channels.


The Dunoon Crossover experience is also worth a mention as Wahoo claims this to be the first virtual, gravel/MTB ‘real road’ experience. Sounds cool but I haven’t tried it.

Wahoo X is now a significant platform that integrates Wahoo’s tech with its virtual rider experiences and highly competent indoor/outdoor training plans. It’s priced in line with its direct competition at $14.99/month

Read more: at Wahoo Fitness.com

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