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Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad Launched

Hapbee uses natural, Ultra Low-Frequency signals to simulate the effects of compounds in the brain like serotonin , melatonin or even caffeine.

Different ‘sound’ frequencies have been shown to simulate the actions of these compounds to the extent that these frequencies can dial in some of the effects of these substances/medications without the need to ingest them.

If you don’t like putting foreign substances or medicines unnecessarily into your body then this is one for you to consider.

Sleep Quality Enhancement

Some people find sleeping hard and a lack of sleep debilitating.

Hapbee’s sleep pillow is a new product format for the company and is targeted at sleep improvement.

It goes under your pillow and it emits ultra-low frequency waves that activate sleep responses.

Bottom line: You go to sleep more easily.

Black Friday Discount

Discount: Buy here for $199 (discount automatically applied)



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  1. I see you havent posted this great info – there will be polar ignite 3 coming out on 9 this month 😊. There are couple pictures around internet, can we post them here for people to see?

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