Polar H10 – now a valid ECG

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Yep. All of these will give HR but which will give ECG?

Polar H10 – now a valid ECG

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Researchers concluded physicians can easily interpret ECG data captured by Polar H10 for the evaluation of baseline rhythm, atrial fibrillation and premature contractions in patients with a wide range of heart diseases has not yet been performed.

The study indicates that the ECG data obtained from Polar H10 in hospitalized patients and outpatients with a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, as well as in healthy individuals, is usable in practice for the evaluation of baseline rhythm, atrial fibrillation, and premature contractions with a minimal proportion of difficulties to interpret recordings due to artefacts. However, caution is recommended when analysing ECG data in patients with stimulated rhythm and in patients with atrial flutter. To sum up, Polar H10 can be used as a means for continuous monitoring of ECG, evaluation of rhythm and screening of atrial fibrillation.

This study complements previous research that had validated earlier data captured by Polar H10 used for determining heart rate and the possibility of detecting atrial fibrillation (AF) compared to ECG-Holter on a short ECG recording in selected patients.


T. Skála et al. Feasibility of evaluation of Polar H10 chest-belt ECG in patients with a broad range of heart conditions. Cor et Vasa 2022,64(4):411-422.  DOI: 10.33678/cor.2022.083

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