WHOOP Sleep, Strain & Recovery Insights from 2022

WHOOP Insights from 2022

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As ever, the major sports and wellness data platforms use December to tell us what everyone else has been up to for the past year. Here’s what WHOOP has to say.


We probably all have a couple of hectic weeks to look forward to but rest assured you will have your best nights of sleep throughout January 2023 and especially on Saturday when it might be too cold for an early start on your Sunday morning ride.





However ben warned that any alcohol on a Saturday night is a surefire way to hinder that excellent workout you might be celebrating earlier on Saturday. Alcohol really does not help recovery, although strangely it seems that caffeine might as might sleeping with someone else. You know what to do. Yep! Have a coffee.



WHOOP is also showing that we are cycling less. Anecdotally that might be true but Strava’s recent figures suggest the opposite. Perhaps it’s more correct to say that WHOOPers are cycling less and that’s probably true as I get the impression that cyclists are perhaps less likely to stick to Wahoo’s platform compared to athletes doing CrossFit or running. HIIT is up as is weightlifting. Running is also slightly up but perhaps the end of lockdowns means that many of us can now return to less solitary pastimes.


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  1. I can vouch for Coffee. It’s the drink of the Gods. I usually have a cold brew on the treadmill with me. 🙂

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