new Garmin Features for Fenix 7 – an explainer – Epix 2 + Enduro 2 too

Epix 2

new Garmin Features for Fenix 7/Epix 2 and Enduro 2

Garmin has just sent out a few new features to Fenix 7, Epix 2 and Enduro 2 watches. These are currently in alpha and will go live in early 2023.

This quarter’s new features are NOT as exciting as the improvements to RUNNING POWER and the MORNING REPORT that we got a few months ago.

Let’s take a quick look at the main additions which comprise one new capability, a couple of nice fill-in features and some irrelevant stuff.


Connect IQ 6 Support

Connect IQ 6 (CIQ 6) is essentially Garmin’s latest app platform, and the Fenix 7, Epix 2 and Enduro 2 all get full compatibility.

CIQ 6 adds a beefed-up CIQ store on the watch, improved complications that can show more bits of data and support a ‘hold to launch’ capability. There is also increased access given to developers to GNSS features. There are a few other minor techie bits that I covered in October (here) but don’t get too excited.


new features inbound! – Garmin CIQ System 6 Announced

Takeout CIQ 6: It’s not very exciting for existing watches unless you are a developer.


Stamina Data Field for Bike Sports

I could have sworn this was already there. Perhaps I’m thinking about my 955. Anyway, you can now see your stamina decline through your workout.

Take Out STAMINA – I actually quite like the Stamina data field and do have it displayed on my 955. I’m not entirely sure that I can say that I use it! But it’s there and it seems broadly accurate!!

HRV Sync (via dcrainmaker)

It’s long been overdue that HRV data needs to be better synced between Garmin devices. dcrainmaker reports that this has been quietly introduced.


Workout Execution Score for the post-activity summary

When you follow a structured workout Garmin gives a compliance score at the end of the workout. Compliance or Workout Execution as Garmin calls it is a single number that says how close you got to the overall purpose of the workout.

I’ve seen/used that feature a few times on the 955 but I’m not entirely sure how the algorithm works. For example, I recently completed this 3×8′ threshold run and I thought I was pretty close at +/-5secs/km yet I only scored 73%. I didn’t jog between intervals and probably did the warmup and cool down too slowly, so I got the impression that the Execution score took into account the unimportant parts of the workout…which would seem incorrect to me.

The workout execution score will then also sync through to Connect for posterity. Like this…


Race Day Card added to Morning Report

The Morning Report is a nifty feature which displays various bits of pertinent info either about your sleep or about the day ahead. Newly added is the Race Day card which looks like it shows information from the Race Day Widget that’s useful for the current day – you’ll need to have a race day set up for this to show.


Love ❤️ It – Garmin Morning Report


PacePro Strategy Page to Race Widget

The Race Widget gives training and racing info in support of a specific race. PacePro is now added to that and is the feature that lets you plan a race-day strategy such as a negative or positive split or one where you set variations in target pace to accommodate different challenges of the course.


Full List

Here’s the full list and you can learn how to sign up to get the pre-release software at this link.

  • Support for Connect IQ System 6.
  • The stamina data field for bike sports.
  • PacePro strategy page to Race widget.
  • Race Day card for the Morning Report.
  • Workout Execution Score f – this is a fairly meaty feature but more of a wellness feature and so the kind of thing not really covered on this site.
  • Distance to Start data field for the Sail Race activity on the Regatta Timer page.
  • Multi-code point emoji support.
  • Sail Expedition app.
  • Wakesports activities (Wakesurf, Wakeboard, Waterski, Tube).
  • HRV sync (via dcrainmaker)



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