Fenix – Yet more unannounced Garmin additions for F6 and F7

Garmin fenix 6 review specifications

Garmin Fenix 7 and Fenix 6 – more goodies

TL;DR – New Maps and new CIQ

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Garmin recently announced a new Alpha set of features and I’ve already covered that here. However, the inclusion of Physio TrueUp, first reported by dcrainmaker, has now also been confirmed in a subsequent release note by Garmin. But I have two more goodies for you.

Firstly, Fenix 6 (six) gets confirmation of support for CIQ 6. That nugget comes via @SoCorsu and perhaps was to be expected. So Fenix 6 may get the updates to the on-watch app store as well as the new raft of better-featured complications. Probably also the touchscreen models will get a few touchscreen-related boosts such as press to launch when interacting with complications.

Secondly, it looks like Fenix 7 will get support in the USA for Outdoor Maps+. This premium map service is currently only available to large-screen Garmin Montanna handhelds and will soon be able to be purchased via a $50pa subscription service. The Outdoor Maps+ include premium elevation contours, landowner names, boundaries for public/private land types and other boundaries such as from the Bureau of Land Management, national wildlife refuges, national parks, state parks, and wildlife management areas. I’m unsure which Fenix 7 models will be compatible as the Sapphire Solar models have 32Gb of storage and the rest have 16Gb…let’s hope 16Gb is enough.



garmin outdoor maps+ plus





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8 thoughts on “Fenix – Yet more unannounced Garmin additions for F6 and F7

  1. Thanks for the mention !

    And thanks for your work, a really good site in my trail/Run bookmarks for daily reading.

  2. I would like to know wich troll army is commenting here?
    Whom did you annoy?

    If we have to be angry at someone, it should be Garmin which are not updating European maps but now introduce a subscription based map service. It’s time for people stop paying subscriptions to stop that pest from spreading.
    Or we could say bloggers are not shouting out loud enough that there are no map updates.

  3. Garmin only announced “Added support for Connect IQ System 6” which doesn’t mean fenix6 will get on-device store support and this is in line with what they announced earlier, namely that store will only be added to newer devices like fenix6.

    My guess is that this only means that Fenix 6 will get a CIQ update that will include “some” new functions.

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