How To Last Longer On The Treadmill


How To Last Longer On The Treadmill

It’s that time of year once again when everyone is on a health kick and looking to get back in shape after enjoying the Christmas festivities. However, for a lot of people, hitting the treadmill isn’t necessarily something they enjoy doing. But fear not, there are tons of ways that can help pass the time, and they could even make the running machine tolerable.

Listen To Music

It’s the most obvious way to make time on the treadmill pass quickly. Listening to music is something that a lot of gym goers or home gym users do, and it’s often music that is high energy and suited to exercise that they’re listening to. What’s also great is that there are purpose-built earphones that are designed to stay put as you run.

Watch TV

Nowadays, treadmills, especially in gyms, come fitted with screens. Or there are usually TVs dotted around the place. It’s very easy to start watching a programme and get lost in what’s happening. And, before you know it, you’ve covered a fair distance on the treadmill and burned off those all-important calories.

Play Games

Again, the screens on modern treadmills can come in handy as they allow gym-goers to play various games. Heck, they could even be playing any one of the hundreds of casino slot games online and not only have fun while losing some calories but walk away having won a prize that may cover their gym membership for a while.

Listen To A Podcast Or Audiobook

Listening to music is great for many, but some find it hard to get lost in the music. Podcasts and audiobooks represent an excellent alternative because most will listen to something they find interesting, which will fully immerse them in what’s being said. It’s the getting-lost factor that will pass the time.

Setting A Target

While what we’ve mentioned so far is all about aids that will help on the treadmill, there’s nothing better than setting a target. When a person steps onto the treadmill, if they have a target in mind, they’re more likely to stay on until they hit the target rather than just start running with no goal in mind.

Use A Timer

It kind of fits in with the above, but combining a target with a timer is arguably the perfect solution to finding ways to stay on the treadmill longer. With a goal in mind, setting a target to count backwards, be it one based on time or distance, is going to keep the person on the treadmill more motivated and invested.

Plan What’s Next

The power of the mind is incredible, and because running on a treadmill will make up a small part of a person’s day, planning what they’re doing next is always a great idea to keep them focused on the task at hand. They could even plan what’s next in terms of a holiday, meal, or drinks with friends.