new Withings U-Scan – Good for Keto diets?

Withings U-Scan

Withings produce some innovative tech. Over the years they have released a few innovative ways of sensing stuff and some innovative designs like the Scanwatch. Today is a day for more of the same as they give you a smart toilet! (Yes, really)

Just wee on the 90mm sensor and it analyses your bodily expulsions. A sensor lasts about 3 months and there is one that tracks diet-related factors (Nutri-Balance) and another which tracks menstruation (NutriScan).

Nutri-Balance is not especially targeted at those of you following a ketogenic diet but it does give your keto range. I’m not sure about the accuracy but it’s definitely easier than taking blood samples or manually peeing on a handheld keto strip.

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3 thoughts on “new Withings U-Scan – Good for Keto diets?

  1. I really like reading your blog.
    I understand that it’s time consuming and you want a bit of revenue from it, did. blog myself about DIY and tools.

    What really makes me mad: you set a link labeled „Withings“ at the end of the article wich doesn’t lead to Withings as expected ( in the best case to a press release or the sensors direct on their page) but directly to Amazon. That’s a shady move.

  2. Easier doesn’t mean anything, one need serum values once in ketosis. Urine values are useless for the most important part

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