Stryd Fixes Air Power

Stryd Fixes Air Power

Regular readers here will know that I am normally a great advocate for all things Stryd.

However, it seemed obvious to me (and @WillM and others) that the latest air power component of overall power was wrong by a significant number of per cent. I’m surprised that Stryd let that one slip through. But they did as today Stryd confirms new firmware that lowers the overall power output (ie lower Air Power) in low wind conditions.

Today’s firmware also gives better results when you install Stryd the wrong way around. The question “Why?” springs to mind.


What’s changed?

  • This firmware update brings further stability and consistency to Air Power in low air resistance conditions.
  • Next Gen Stryd owners should expect that Air Power values will be lower in low air resistance environments, such as when running in low wind speed conditions, compared to firmware version 2.1.29.
  • Improved support for when Stryd is placed in a reverse orientation position. (i.e. when the narrow end of Stryd is placed pointing towards the ankle instead of the toes)

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