Garmin get QI Charging – totally new Garmin HARDWARE feature on leaked Vivomove Trend

Garmin Vivomove Trend Review
Image|Garmin, via Winfuture

QI Charging on Garmin Vivomove Trend

Winfutures reports a leak of yet another new Garmin hybrid watch, this time it’s the Vivomove Trend.

Garmin’s Vivomove models are marketed toward the fashion-conscious but this time around we get a combination of a digital screen and good old-fashioned analogue hands. Whilst I wouldn’t say they represent the epitome of style, they’re nice looking and the digital/analogue screen looks good (we’ve already seen the same tech recently on Garmin’s Instinct Crossover Hybrid)

This is a small-format 40mm watch and Garmin seems to be targetting female buyers with the addition of cycle tracking.

And you might think that ends it all. But no, there is a gem of techy interest. Garmin has included its first (?) QI capable model for charging. This means it doesn’t need a charging cable and you leave your watch on some QI puck or pad for it to get hot and consume more electricity than it otherwise would do with a good old-fashioned cable. The lack of a charging port makes the waterproofing job much simpler but that feature isn’t especially needed for this watch (it has WR50), nevertheless in the future QI charging should help the more serious Garmin adventure watches that do need sound waterproofing abilities.

Release date: Unknown but I reckon next week. This might even be the mystery watch listed on the FCC that comes out alongside the Garmin Forerunner 265 and 265s.

Excitement Level? 2/10

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9 thoughts on “Garmin get QI Charging – totally new Garmin HARDWARE feature on leaked Vivomove Trend

  1. The real question is – whether you can put the charging plate under your mattress. Will it work? And of course, will that kill you in the process?

    1. hey, it’s friday the 13th.
      i have a few QI charger so i will stick them all under my matters tonight.
      if there is silence here tomorrow you know what happened 😉

  2. Some news photos of the watch leaked. Strange that it seems to have the older type heart rate sensor.

  3. Are they really removing the cable port, or just adding Qi as well?
    Without the data port, you can’t plug into a PC to do things like load on alpha updates, or quickly update maps etc.

    1. idk for sure.
      i’d say i’m 80% sure there is no cable and, yes, the implications of what you say hold true

      this is a low-end watch tho.
      so maybe on higher end watches it could have both ???

  4. What “Excitement Level” will be when Garmin announces a watch based on WearOS?🤔😉

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