new Garmin Sprint Dynamics Added

Garmin Sprint Dynamics Added

Garmin has released a new version of its Clipboard app which is geared towards coaches and teams.

The new features for the app are listed at the end of this post but what struck me as interesting was threefold.

Firstly Garmin Clipboard seems to have lots of pre-built workouts, so why not make a team of just yourself to get access to these? Secondly this app links Garmin Connect with your coach and I need to investigate more to see if this is part of the new Garmin Connect functionality that allows us to let others view our Connect account and 3) we have the track running and sprint dynamics.

I’m just recovering from a minor knee procedure so I’m not sprinting on a track anytime soon to test this out but I’m guessing that sprint dynamics gives the coach access to app-based insights into some of the basics of your sprint technique, all I can find is the chart shown above which compares your cadence to your threshold/maximal cadence. Maybe this is a first step for some new running dynamics features? Feedback, below, is very much welcomed.

It makes sense for Garmin to increasingly focus on college-level athletes as an easy way to lock in customers to the Connect infrastructure for life fro. Plus, Garmin must have just about exhausted all that it can do with endurance runners; so sprinters deserve a little more tender love and care.

the Garmin Clipboard Update Includes:

In addition to reviewing metrics such as progressive run mile splits, pace and VO2 max, and tracking performance trends for individual athletes or an entire team, coaches – and now, assistant coaches – can use Garmin Clipboard to:

  • Track running and sprint dynamics
  • Apply threshold filters to teams or individual athletes
  • Access hundreds of pre-built workouts
  • Add custom workouts
  • Stay updated on an athlete’s injury and recovery process
  • Send announcements and goals to an entire team
  • Leave notes on training and workouts for individual athletes

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7 thoughts on “new Garmin Sprint Dynamics Added

  1. thanks for sharing, I didn’t know about this app. I just made a team of me and …me so that I can use the workouts library, really needed that from Garmin.

      1. I’ve created sa team, me as coach and as athlete. I see it’s not possible to create a triathlon club. Instead I’ve created a running one. Easier to import workouts.

  2. It seems quite limited at least on mobile…just overlays a horizontal line on a cadence graph and declares anything above the line is a sprint.

  3. I’ve been using Clipboard for almost a year, specifically to add garmin based workouts for my friends and I easily. I only it allowed for easier pace management for each runner. Otherwise it is an easy workaround to share workouts with friends.

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