leak Garmin Forerunner 965 – might be close

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Garmin Forerunner 965 – might be close


It seems that the site runninxpert.com has just lost its stock of the new Forerunner 965. That’s normally the sanction against retailers who inadvertently leak new Garmin products – and that’s precisely what Runningxpert seems to have done here with the Forerunner 965.

Set against that is the knowledge that some lesser-known retail sites sometimes piggyback others’ leaks to get traffic, awareness and increased ranking on their sites ie when this happens it’s not a leak.

However, on balance, this leak includes a Garmin SKU code and colour description which someone with more time on their hands than me might want to cross-check against various databases like FCC’s. This leak is plausibly genuine nad also indicates that Runningxpert’s stock might have been originally arriving tomorrow (Tue 24 Jan).

Eu650 or about GBP600. Dollar pricing should be $650 based on exchange rates but it might come down lower.

Just to be clear: I have had no conclusive intel on the 965…it’s the 265/265s that I have the pictures for.

Here is @FLO’s tweet and he also includes the likely colour options.





There’s even a vague chance it will have ECG. It seems that ECG features are now live in Garmin Connect. This signals some medium- to high-end watch might be released very very soon


Garmin ECG Notification (Pre-Market, FDA)


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19 thoughts on “leak Garmin Forerunner 965 – might be close

  1. In Push notifications on Garmin connect there is a tab for “ECG Recording Uploads” under the “Health Recording” header.

    Was that always there?

    1. First time I’ve seen it today as well. Requires setting up 2FA, and no readme/additional info other than “No ECG data available)

    2. I don’t see that in Push Notifications, but I do see EKG under the Health section and under Settings, “UDI for Medical Device Software” which I haven’t seen before and assume is a Unique Device Identifier for the EKG. In the past, only functions available on a watch would show up in GCM so hoping this means epix 2 will have this functionality (even though DCR mentioned at one point that F7 had the hardware but epix didn’t seem to)

  2. Historically, what’s the relationship between stock dates and product announcements? I know Garmin like to announce on Tuesdays – based on a stock date of 1/24, could they announce it the same day?

  3. Should i expect a thicker screen bezel like Angelina Jolie’s lips ? The latest non-solar Forerunner and Fenix 7 series have been a huge disappointment for me due to that larger black circles around the screen. I immediately sold my Fenix 7 after using it for 1 month.

    May be the name should be ForBezel ?

    Not only usable screen management has gone worse but also they suffer from poorer contrast and faded/washed out colours comparing to Fenix 6/Forerunner 245/945;

    1. Yes, it’s gone again. A little software quality woopsie by garmin. Not very uncommon.

      Sad to see that software errors that bothers garmin are fixed quite fast and software errors that bother their users take forever.

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