Stryd: Race Power Table, New LBSS Tool, and More

Stryd App – new Features now live

There are a couple of new features hitting the Stryd smartphone app; a freebie for everyone and something new for subscribers.

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Race Power Predictions table

Stryd seems to have finally ‘got it’. Yes, many of us love power but we also want the pace info too.

Now even brand-new Stryd owners can upload 90 days of Strava workout history to get a full Stryd profile right from the start. Specifically, the Race Predictor gives paces and power values for each of the major standard distances and Stryd uses your Strava PACE data to initially estimate your power zones (critical power, power curve) and then refine them over time.


This is more involved to implement than it seems and Stryd has done a seemingly good job here

Lower Body Stress Score (LBSS) – Subscribers Only

LBSS is a recent metric from Stryd that is only produced by the latest pod, I covered its launch a few months ago here.

new Stryd Metrics – They’re Good…but ! An Explainer

The problem with LBSS when it was launched was that there was very little that could easily be done with the information without time-consuming manual analysis. Things have now moved on and some of the starting points for your analyses are made easier as you can view your LBSS trends and filter by date and run type. For example, if you’re feeling unexpectedly tired, you can see which kinds of runs over the last few weeks have been unduly stressing your legs.



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  1. Has anyone actually tested the initial Strava synch? Ive tried with multiple ‘new’ accounts and it doesn’t even work

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