WHOOP Confirms Weighlifting – PUSH to go live in Spring?

WHOOP seems to confirm PUSH integration could go live in Spring – Finally

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Something strength-related is coming from WHOOP!

WHOOP, the wearable fitness company, has recently announced plans to release new features, specifically geared towards strength training. In an official statement, the company stated that users will soon be able to measure the impact and strain of their strength training workouts. The announcement also included a screenshot from the app, which highlighted an increase in “overall tonnage” compared to previous weightlifting sessions. Additionally, the image featured a heart rate chart, potentially indicating specific HR peaks that correspond to individual lifts or sets.

MORE NEW FEATURES, COMING SOONStrength training features: Measure the impact of your strength training workouts and the strain they put on your body…Your overall tonnage was 15% higher during this workout compared to previous ‘weightlifting’ workouts… [WHOOP]


WHOOP has reportedly been working on integrating technology from trainwithpush.com, a company it acquired in 2021. TrainWithPush uses Velocity-Based Training (VBT) to more properly quantify load from strength training, which is considered to be more accurate than traditional heart rate monitoring methods. In talking with the guys from Wearables for Human Performance this morning, it is unclear if the new WHOOP 4 device’s sensors will be able to replicate the accuracy of TrainWithPush, but it is expected that the WHOOP app will be updated to include weightlifting and powerlifting statistics, potentially with some manual input (edit: yes! see images below, thank you @PaulWhitelock)











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4 thoughts on “WHOOP Confirms Weighlifting – PUSH to go live in Spring?

  1. What expecting something like this since they bought Push. Could this be first wearable to really quantify correctly resistance exercises and also measure the reps to failure in an accurate way?

    1. i suppose PUSH was the first to do that 😉
      Biosense were also interesting in that they could recognise the type of lift/exercise done.

      Perhaps it has the prospect to be the most accurate so far.
      I’m guessing that maybe some ECG based chest strap could quantify the heart stress during the lift (ie for a few seconds per lift or per set), and perhaps some truer measure of strain/load could come from that for strength workouts? maybe that’s the ultimate.
      otherwise at some point the weight has to be either input manually (no one does that) or the weight itself has to have NFC/BLE so that the wearable can detect it (no self-respecting lifter will use that I’m guessing)

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