SuperSapiens – beyond glucose?

SuperSapiens – might it use Abbot’s upcoming Lingo biosensor?

Biosensors continue to evolve, can Supersapiens keep up?

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Quick Background

Supersapiens has built a sports analytic platform around the relatively old Abbot Libre glucose biosensor (2017) which measures glucose levels in interstitial fluids in an invasive way with a filament.

Abbot, on the other hand, has focussed on the lucrative market for diabetes management and has already iterated its Libre Sensor with a smaller version in 2021.

Quick View on the years ahead

We know that wearable biosensors are going to get very interesting, very soon.

Rockley Photonics and others have already announced dates for expected support of reading several new biomarkers non-invasively like hydration, lactate and ketones. Apple and others have significant stakes in these companies and probably will integrate their sensor packages at some point into future versions of watches like the Apple Watch Ultra.

Whether or not the likes of Rockley will enable continuous, live measurement that sports people need is a different matter.

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Abbot’s Announcement


Abbott has announced its new Lingo biosensor, which can read lactate, ketone, and glucose levels. The company plans to target athletes and weekend warriors, and provide data for diet and lifestyle metrics. The potential impact on companies like Supersapiens and Lumen is unclear, as it is unknown if the former will be able to sell or rebrand Lingo as part of their sports offering. Supersapiens recently confirmed to me they were not working with Abbott’s new sensors, possibly referring specifically to Libre 2.





How might Abbot Impact Supersapiens?

Abbott’s lactate and ketone sensor may benefit Supersapiens if they are able to access it or if the old sensor’s price decreases and becomes more affordable.

However, Abbott may not consider the Supersapiens market to be significant enough. The potential benefits of the sensor include improved health monitoring, enhanced athletic performance, personalized nutrition and training plans, and better recovery and injury prevention.

But you can buy Supersapiens now…


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