WHOOP links to Hyperice for Recovery

WHOOP links to Hyperice for Recovery

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WHOOP and Hyperice have just announced the first stages of a linkup to help more precisely define post-workout recovery needs and their subsequent effectiveness. The integration allows WHOOP members to log their recovery activities in the WHOOP app when using Hyperice’s Hypervolt percussion massage devices and Normatec dynamic air compression systems.  This is a very similar linkup to that announced a couple of years ago between Powerdot and Garmin/Apple.

The Hyperice App provides users with personalized recovery routines based on their recovery and activity data logged from the WHOOP App. WHOOP users can then track the impact of percussive massage and dynamic air compression therapy on their biometrics and WHOOP recovery scores. The company told me they hope to track the effectiveness of these strategies over the coming year, meaning that we will hopefully be able to go some way to see how technology can quantify that recovery activities are beneficial.


How it works

The link between WHOOP and Hyperice uses Apple Health. Once both apps are connected to Apple Health, data will seamlessly flow between them.

Completing a Hypervolt or Normatec routine in the Hyperice app will automatically trigger Percussive Massage and Air Compression Recovery activities in the WHOOP app. After logging these Recovery activities 5 or more times in WHOOP, you can see their impact on recovery in the Monthly Performance Assessment.

This data will be shared from WHOOP to Apple Health to Hyperice, enhancing the accuracy of HyperSmart recommendations in the Hyperice app.

More detail: whoop.com

Take Out

This is early days.

Whilst the initial linkup appears quite rudimentary, hopefully it will soon improve to be more in line with the detailed recommendation that Powerdot was able to make based on the type and intensity of your Apple/Garmin workouts – for example, it knew to recommend an intensive calf-based workout after a hard run.

However, WHOOP has an ace up its sleeve. WHOOP should be able to go one step further and be able to quantify some of the effects of massage/compression on WHOOP recovery scores (HRV recovery).


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