Garmin 265 – More Images & details Leak

Garmin Forerunner 265 – More Photos Leak


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This low-resolution image with a very weird name is hosted by 5undergolf. It shows training readiness and Daily Workout Suggestions both of which are plausible features for the 265. The strap and button match those on a photograph I have of the 265s from last year (see below) and so I would say they could well be genuine.

new Garmin WRIST Running Dynamics – Which models will get it?

Garmin Forerunner 265/265s Features // Specifications

The retailer also lists these features. I’ve highlighted the wording in pink that is noteworthy ie likely true or wrong!

  • NEW AMOLED Display & Updated Design: Brilliant touchscreen display with traditional button controls. Choose from a 46mm or 42mm case size along with several dual-colour band options.
  • NEW Training Readiness: Better determine if you’re primed to get the most out of your workout with a score based on sleep quality, sleep history, recovery time, acute training load, HRV status and stress history.

Garmin Training Readiness – Not Accurate – Here’s Why

  • NEW Wrist-Based Running Dynamics: Receive advanced running dynamics including running power, ground contact time balance, stride length and more. Use a compatible HRM or pod (sold separately) for even more accurate data. (What’s new about this? Wirst-based? 🙂 )
  • Battery Life: Get up to 13 days in Smartwatch Mode (265S: up to 15 days), & up to 20 hours in GPS-Only mode (265S: up to 24 hours). This is almost certainly wrong, the 265s (small version) should have an inferior battery life.
  • More Informed Training: Receive guidance from features like Morning Report, Training Status, Acute Load, Garmin Coach and more, to monitor the progress of your performance and remain in tune with your body.
  • Multi-Band GPS: Access multiple global satellite systems with SatlQ technology, providing superior positioning accuracy in challenging environments while also optimizing battery life.
  • Garmin Pay Contactless Payments: Leave your cash & cards at home and make checkout lines a breeze with Garmin Pay contactless payments with participating providers.
  • Music on the Go: Download hours of music, with 8 GB (double that of 255) of internal memory, including playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer (subscription may be required), and connect with your wireless headphones for phone-free listening.


Garmin Forerunner 265s the5krunner



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13 thoughts on “Garmin 265 – More Images & details Leak

  1. What is new about wrist based running dynamics you ask?
    There is not GCT from wrist for example. How would you even measure that from the wrist?

    1. it’s already measured from the wrist as is vertical oscillation.
      it’s just not reported but rather instead incorporated into the wrist based power algorithms.
      #SensitiveAccelerometrs and frequently-polling algorithms

  2. Heh, when the question “will Forerunner get AMOLED?” started to appear I always assumed that it would be an AMOLED *option*, never occurred to me that the entire line might switch. But that was silly, it makes perfect sense for Garmin to completely abandon passive screens in Forerunners because that line is decidedly not about any “expedition” use case scenarios. The “endurance over pretty” market segment in the sub-fenix price range is served by Instinct.

    The “S gets longer battery life” numbers could be correct, because the extra millimeters are not necessarily filled with bigger batteries, and then the screen size difference would certainly have a much bigger impact on runtime with OLED than with transflective. I think I’ve already seen that pattern (non-S gets the same battery as S) in other Garmin watch internals (not sure, might have been vivoactive4 internals fcc shots)

    1. I was really hoping Garmin won’t ditch MIP displays for Forerunner and Fenix watches. IMO they should offer both. I switched to Garmin not only for great sports tracking and durability but also because I hated gesture mode on other AMOLED watches and I loved the idea of energy efficient screens reminding me of real watches. And I love having seconds hand on an analog watch face and a truly always on display without constant dimming and longevity issues warning.

      1. I’m actually in the same camp for display choice, I’d feel uncomfortable with that attention-grabbing light show on the wrist. But my preferences tend to go opposite to market demands and at least in the upper price range (965) I think a Fenix would serve any runner well who desires the transflective? Or are there any running features Garmin keeps Forerunner-exclusive that aren’t on the Fenix? (I honestly don’t know, I only use my Garmin watch as an off-bike companion to the Edge, so I honestly would not know. Next watch will probably be some successor to the vivomove trend that was recently announced, because I don’t expect Garmin to make a vivoactive 5)

    2. yep to both points.

      i wrote something a while back about the Fenix is dead long live the epix…or something like that. few people really need super-endurance (but some do). now that the battery condumdrum is almost solved or at least greatly improved, then AMOLED has to be the way forward

      yeah i wondered if the smaller version could have a longer battery. it IS possible, as you say. perhaps a smaller display area could account for that.

      1. Maybe we will will see the FEpix (S&X) on one hand and the Enduro 2 (& maybe Tactix) on the other. That would cover 99% of all customers. Going full AMOLED with the FR line makes sense too, because most people like brilliant screens when they don’t have to suffer short battery life lie in AWs. Maybe they will bring back the 7xx for the ones who are not into AMOLED.

  3. What’s that on the ankle in the pic-within-a-pic image at the bottom left? Some kind of ankle pod???

    1. Hey! Good point! I saw the picture thousand times and never looked on that small picture. Why is there? Is this some kind of attention test? 😁 It seems like some kind of pod, maybe new Garmin stryd, or some kind of light?

      1. “Attention test” – ha ha ha

        I really am curious, it seems such an odd little thing to insert there – and it certainly looks like some kind of contraption around the ankle. @the5krunner? Thoughts?

    2. That’s been t5ks logo for as long as I can remember. He put it on the picture so that people can’t steal the image without crediting him unless they were to awkwardly crop it.

      Not sure what the actual product is showing on the ankle though.

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