Garmin 965 Photos – It’s real, it’s coming…or is it?

Garmin Forerunner 965 Photos…maybe

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A retailer called 5undergolf has supposedly leaked images of the Forerunner 965 and 265. The FR965 image from the retailer is shown below and is not hosted on this site. This is the first plausible image of the FR965 so far.

Image hosted on 5undergold...will likely be removed very soon. click to see original
Image hosted on 5undergold…will likely be removed very soon. click to see original



I’ve also included the retailer’s text listing below and need to make some comments regarding its authenticity.


Firstly the image has this name Screenshot2023-02-01at13-42-47QRG_FR965_V3.png-QRG_FR965_V3F.pdf-Edited_1280x.png, honestly folks every self-respecting retailer would simply reload Garmin’s official images in a decent quality and perhaps with the same name as supplied by Garmin. Maybe the image is not real.

Secondly, the specifications, further below, were strewn with grammar and spelling mistakes. So it simply was not cut and pasted from an official Garmin document. It could be made up.

Thirdly, and perhaps most interestingly, in addition to the more obvious AMOLED screen, the buttons have changed. There are still 5 buttons but they are perhaps slightly more recessed including a significantly enlarged start/stop button. Maybe the others are enlarged too? Maybe it’s just a photoshopped image of a Venu 2+? I tend to think this image might be genuine as the photograph I already have of a real 265s has an enlarged start/stop button.

Fourthly the strap appears to be a standard Forerunner strap. I only mention this in case you too were thinking that someone had repurposed a Venu 2 Plus image and pretended it was an FR965. After all, the Venu 2+ has an AMOLED screen and larger buttons. This strap appears different to the one on the photograph I have of the 265s.

Fifthly a US$599 price tag is quoted. That’s plausibly true but has been speculated by others quite some time ago. (Having said that, I think it’s about right)

Sixthly, the image on the left shows ‘Race Day Weather’. Again, this is consistent with relatively new Garmin features.

Finally, there have been numerous comments on various Reddit threads and elsewhere along the lines of “oh it’s just a Forerunner 955 with a fancy screen“. I too have made those comments. However, whilst probably true about features, the new interface on the 965/265/265s will almost certainly be radically different. Just go and look at the Venu 2 Plus to see what I mean. The quality of the imagery and its presentation are different and excellent when set against older MIPS menus and screens.

Summary: These *seem* to be real photos but I’m not 100% sure.



Garmin Forerunner 965 Features // Specifications

This premium GPS running and triathlon smartwatch has a bright 1.4′ AMOLED touchscreen display and lightweight titanium bezel. Wake up to your morning report with HRV status to see health insights with an overview of sleep, recovery, and training outlook. Navigate routes confidently with multi-band GPS and full-colour, built-in maps. With traditional buttons and a touchscreen display, it’s easy to tap into your training status and know whether you’re training productively, peaking or strained. If you’re pushing to outshine the competition. The forerunner 965 is there to light up every run with 23 days of battery life in smartwatch mode.

  • NEW AMOLED Display & Updated Design: Brilliant 1.4″ touchscreen display with traditional button controls – including a lightweight titanium bezel and dual-colour bands.
  • Battery Life: Get up to 23 days in Smartwatch Mode & up to 31 hours in GPS-Only mode.
  • Multisport Profiles: Switch between sports with a button press by using built-in profiles for triathlons, duathlons, brick workouts and swim runs -or customize your own multisport profiles.
  • Built-In Maps: Run your course with more confidence with turn-by-turn directions using full-colour, built-in maps.
  • Multi-Band GPS: Access multiple global satellite systems with SatlQ technology, providing superior positioning accuracy in challenging environments while also optimizing battery life.
  • Wrist-Based Running Dynamics: Advanced running dynamics including running power, ground contact time balance, stride length and more. Use a compatible HRM or pod (sold separately) for even more accurate data.
  • Training Readiness & More: Better determine if you’re primed to get the most out of your workout with a score based on sleep quality, recovery, training load and HRV status. Receive guidance from features like Morning Report, Training Status, Acute Load, & Garmin Coach to monitor the progress of your performance and remain in tune with your body.

Garmin Training Readiness – Not Accurate – Here’s Why

  • Safety & Tracking Features: Incident detection (during select outdoor activities) and Assistance can send a message with your live location to emergency contacts when paired with your compatible smartphone; requires setup and your smartphone to be in an area with network coverage where data connectivity is available.
  • Garmin Pay™ Contactless Payments: Leave your cash & cards at home and make checkout lines a breeze with Garmin Pay contactless payments with participating providers.
  • Music on the Go: Download hours of music, with 8 GB of internal memory, including playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer, and connect with your wireless headphones for phone-free listening.

Note: There is no 965s model (no small version). The small triathlon watch is the 745, so i guess there might eventually be a 755/765 AMOLED/LTE or something similar.

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24 thoughts on “Garmin 965 Photos – It’s real, it’s coming…or is it?

  1. You think the titanium bezel is there to support EKG feature? (conduit)
    Seems very interesting, im switch from 945 in 5 months using their out-of-warranty upgrade service

    1. As I can not find any information about a “out-of-warranty upgrade service” – can you (or anybody else) point me to a suitable information source? Sounds quite interesting…

      1. We’ll see, but it will be shame if it’s top forerunner model. Also 16GB on F7 was big surprise because F6Pro has 32GB.

        965 seems great on images to me, but I still think that I can’t live with amoled. On F7 I can have map shown on all day trip, but frequently map checking with amoled and multiband will drain battery very fast IMHO.

    1. Epix 2 is: 1.3″ DISPLAY @416x416px

      display, case and screen(glass/lens) are subtly different.

      I would guess a 965 AMOLED would have a display size of no bigger than 1.3″ (if you look at the photograph I have of the 265s you will see there appears to be a fairly large black ‘bezel/ring)

  2. So a 965 has a new screen to make it look prettier and added stats that aren’t that accurate, nor that usefull. For 100 euro more than a 955 ?

    If garmin improves their software quality it might be time to ugrade, otherwise my 935 is fine till it dies. And a better way to charge the watch would also be great. But those are not things garmin marketing is interested in, so low priority.

      1. I know, I know. Slick screens sell watches and Garmin is a commercial company who wants to sell watches.

        But this is also the internet. People expect me to complain about my selfish first world problems 😉 (and I’m dutch. I’m allowed to be blunt 🙂

  3. Im Frothing at the mouth to get one of these and upgrade my 945 lte. Hopefully it comes out this week or next.

  4. What is Garmin waiting for? Until Apple eats them completely? This is the whole revolution – adding an AMOLED screen to every watch? LTE module for now, because there will be nothing (transition to a niche) in a few years.

    1. I’ll be glad for developing better MIPS displays with higher resolution and better colors instead of AMOLED. It’s a shame that there’s no improve of MIPS displays in recent years.
      Also Fenix 7 with 1,4 MIPS will be great. The bezel could be thinner and it will fit in there IMHO.

      1. What will the improvement of MIP screens change? The end consumer wants AMOLED screens. They want SMART watches as seen in the final GLOBAL sale. Garmin does not want/can’t sense the trend where the watch market is heading.

      2. @sudione
        Speak for yourself. I switched to Garmin not only for great sports tracking and durability but also because I don’t like gesture mode on other AMOLED watches or the constant dimming in always on mode. And I loved the idea of energy efficient screens reminding me of real watches. These products are not meant for watching pictures or movies. So yeah, improving MIP screens would make me more than happy 🙂

  5. Can o only download music from Spotify Amazon and Dezzer? Other watches have music as well but locked to Spotify WHY.
    Why can I not download every kind of music from mobile or computer. I am not the only ones who think about this. Everyone likes music so Garmin and other brand should have more focus at music in watch

  6. @TomTom
    We did not understand each other. I write about the global market and sales. Garmin, to put it mildly, compromises itself. Not only because it lags far behind the competition, but also because it does not improve MIP screens. I had an Amazit Pace watch myself – the screen was better than the Fenix 7 (… and that was 6 years ago!).
    P.S. This was written by the owner of the Forerunner 745.

    1. I looked at the specs of Amazfit Pace: 1.34 inches, 320×300!!! Pixel (262,144 Colors).

      Fenix 7: 1.3″ (260 x 260 pixels)
      Fenix 7X: 1.4″ (280 x 280 pixels)

      Garmin should learn from Amazfit :-(! I shouldn´t see that. We could have much more better MIPS displays these days…

  7. You guys are the best! Ain’t no way it’s a 1.FOUR” screen! And no way on titanium bezel at $599! Can’t wait to see what it is!

    1. thanks Jack
      similar or same image but from new site
      when these new sites pop up it’s worth checking the tabs lower down. normally the features tab is the first and default one. google translate doesn’t translate the others and those are the ones that will eventually include more detailed specs. (I’ve seen none of those yet tho)

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