Garmin further addresses multi-device ownership in Physio TrueUp 2.0

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Garmin further addresses multi-device ownership in Physio TrueUp

Four years ago (2018), Garmin revolutionized its device synchronization with the introduction of Physio TrueUp, an update to its existing TrueUp feature. This innovative solution enabled athletes to seamlessly keep multiple devices, such as an Edge 530 and a Forerunner 955, in sync. For example, with Physio TrueUp, the data from a ride recorded on an Edge 530 is effortlessly transferred to a Forerunner 955, ensuring all your device information is up-to-date and accessible from any device.


TrueUp covers: Calories; Floors; Intensity Minutes; Steps; and Step distance travelled, and was expanded with Physio TrueUp 2.0 to include: VO2 Max; FTP and Power Zones; Recovery Time; Recovery Time; Training Load; Training Load Focus; Heat & Altitude Acclimation; Race Predictor; Last Activity/Sports Widget; Last Run/Ride/Swim Widgets; Weekly and Monthly Totals; and Sleep.


This was an understandable development as multiple device owners are Garmin’s best customers. However, in some unusual cases, it may not be evident to Garmin Connect which data to use. In the above example of a 955 and Edge 530, what happens if you are wearing both of them to record a bike ride? I often do that and I see the 955 as the ‘primary logger of everything’ whilst the 530 would be more of a tool that I use for in-ride guidance. Some people might also wear two Garmin watches from time to time; or simply use a large-format 7X for adventures and wear a smaller VivoXXX as a tracker, and there are probably a host of other weird and wonderful scenarios I haven’t thought about.

The point is that Garmin now lets you determine your primary training device.

Its use should be self-evident from the name although I wonder what happens if you are wearing two watches whilst training and your primary training device dies halfway through a 2-hour workout? Is the last half of the workout from the secondary device added to the recovered workout from the primary device?

Problem: The ‘elephant in the room’ is that not all devices are compatible. See the comments below and add to that a good working assumption that new devices and recent high-end devices should all be compatible.

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17 thoughts on “Garmin further addresses multi-device ownership in Physio TrueUp 2.0

  1. Question is, when I switch from my Enduro 2 to my Epix 2 for the weekend trip, will the Epix be updated with HRV Status and Training Readiness? Or do you have to keep wearing both watches at night? Garmin Connect is my personal data hub, so when I change from one device to another, as long as they are able to record and process the data, they should mirror each other.

    1. As long as both of them are on recent betas or a new prod 11.25, yes. But t should definitely be updated. At least, this has been the case for my Epix and F7X.

      Sadly though, HRV Status itself remains limited to a small number of recent high end devices, so sleeping in a light and slim vivosmart is out the window if you want to get the HRV data and training readiness it seems. You should be able to wear it during a day and not lose body battery and stress data…

      1. A month ago I changed my 7 to 7x and I lost my hrv status. I had to wait another 3 weeks to appear again. So I assume HRV is not part of data sharing yet

  2. I just read this and am still wondering what this actually means. The recent 955 firmware 14.15 has added a new feature primary activity device and primary wearable. Just not sure if this is more geared to the edge and wearable or two wearables like the vivosmart 5 or vivomove trend with a forerunner or Fenix/Epix watch. Hope it is applicable to both as I would love to just wear the vs5 during the day and even night vs the 955.

    1. Their help and support are annoyingly sparse at the moment, but basically all devices now are supposed to synchronize everything all the time. There are fully compatible devices (those who have HRV status and latest physio bits) and partially compatible (lower end devices that might be missing some of the newer features). Setting primary wearable/training device basically tells Garmin to use its data over any other device data you might have had that also recorded stuff. Nothing less, nothing more.

      So, naturally they recommend choosing higher precision, more full featured device as your primary, but if that’s not how you roll, you have an opportunity to change that.

      I just wish features like HRV status have been universal, so I don’t have to sleep with the watch when a simple band would suffice.

      1. Thanks Nick, maybe a more advanced Vivosmart will come out. That said the vivosmart does record hrv so I don’t see why it couldn’t use the data recorded towards our training readiness score.

        Essentially having a 955 or F7 unlocks a premium level of features that I bet even the vivosmart is capable of. So if you have the 955/F7 as a training device the vivosmart should be able to collect the necessary data to deliver the morning report and training readiness.

      2. If Garmin is able to achieve a true Physio TrueUp, it would be a great opportunity for them to sell such a band that is able to measure all your health related data during the nigh or when you are just lollygagging at home, feed it into GC, which will in turn feed your Epix/955/F7, which will process them IOT give you your Morning Report, keep track of your recovery time and what not….that would be truly innovative.

  3. I sold my FR955 and I’m happy with my Venu2+Edge 530 combo, but hopefully someone has a V2 and an FR955 (or equivalent combo) and can see “Body Battery” and “Stress” being synced between both devices.

    1. I don’t see lactate threshold in the updated Garmin description about Physio TrueUp. Are they actually syncing it?

  4. So has anyone with say an FR955 and a Venu 2 been able to confirm that Body Battery and Stress are now synced between both watches ?

  5. I’m trying to make my Instinct 2 Solar my primary wearable but it’s responding that it’s “Partially compatible”. I think it’s referring to my Venu 2 Plus. But I don’t want my Venu 2 Plus to be my primary wearable. My Instinct 2 Solar has so many features, I can’t understand why it can’t be my Fully compatible primary wearable. It’s near impossible to get information on how to fix this.

  6. “…innovative solution enabled athletes to seamlessly keep multiple devices… in sync”
    what was so innovative on a cross device sync that Garmin need to cooying it from Fitbit or Polar? Both have cross device metrics synced since years, a bit more background knowledge on thingsvyou write in such language would be valuable to the blog

    1. background on what the competitors do
      technical background to how it was implemented
      marketing background and how that focus has changed
      background on how garmin has developed the feature to date

      there is only so much time and so many words before articles become too long

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