Ergatta Rower live links to Apple Watch

ergatta apple watchErgatta Rower live links to Apple Watch online

Ergatta has announced a live integration with Apple Watch online that enables real-time heart rate tracking and rowing data capture for activity rings.

Imagine that you are an avid fan of live blackjack online. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to increase your profit margin over time while simultaneously tracking your past progress and modifying difficulty levels with a single click? These are some of the very same traits found within the Ergatta Rower ecosystem.

Ergatta Members can now seamlessly connect their Apple Watches to Ergatta Rowers, and track their heart rate on-screen during workouts. They also can add their rowing sessions to their daily activity rings in the Apple ecosystem. This performance data is available to the entire Ergatta member base as an open beta and adds to Ergatta’s extensive suite of fitness data and analytics. Real-time heart rate monitoring and connectivity with Apple HealthKit gives members unified stats and calorie counts across fitness platforms.


How it works

After the initial pairing, Apple Watch connects with the rower via Bluetooth with just a tap before workouts. Heart rate metrics are displayed live on both an Apple Watch Ergatta app and on the rower, with the watch providing average heart rate data after finishing.

At Ergatta, we are committed to being responsive to our member requests and to integrate with the fitness ecosystem. Given the prevalence in our member base and its alignment with our focus on fitness habit formation, a direct and relatively seamless integration with Apple Watch was a priority for us. [Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Aulet]

The Ergatta Rower is a Zwift-like, game-based fitness experience that offers a competitive and goal-oriented library of thousands of digital workouts. Its technology adapts difficulty levels to each user’s evolving abilities. Ergatta’s ever-growing library of game-based workouts is tailored to each user’s fitness level and evolves as they improve. Members enjoy healthy competition, live and on-demand race events, and a suite of interactive games, which build habit-forming routines that are personalized, engaging, and fun.


This is another one of those ‘something connects to something else’ stories.

It’s perhaps of little interest other than showing that there is still an interest for 3rd parties to integrate with Apple’s GymKit.




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