Top 3, Head to Head, Win Outright: The Different Types of Bets You Can Place on Running Events Explained

Top 3, Head to Head, Win Outright: The Different Types of Bets You Can Place on Running Events Explained

While it doesn’t get the same attention as football, running events betting has carved its niche in the industry. It’s one of the oldest sports in the world, being an Olympic discipline since 776 B.C.E. It was one of the sports in the world’s first Olympic event and has been a mainstay ever since. Even after thousands of years, running is a popular sport and the most famous discipline in athletics.

Betting on running events has been around for as long as the sports has existed. You’ll find it virtually at any betting site. Betting on running events is pretty easy and not as complex as betting on any other sport. Since it’s not a team sport, you’re putting your money on an individual, and that takes a lot of focus. It’s different than betting on football match winners where 11 players carry the load. But, that’s also what makes it so exciting, and in this article, we’ll tell you more about the top 3 betting markets on running events.

Variety of Betting Markets Available

Unlike what some bettors think, there’s a plethora of markets available on running events. It’s not just race winner – you can also bet on the top 3 runners, bet on head to head events, or even outrights for future events such as the Olympics or the Diamond League. Bookies also offer free bets for these events, although they are rarer than free bets on horse races. Enhanced odds may also be available every time the Olympics come around where running events are among the top options.

With a variety of running events around the globe, you can put your money on marathons, sprints, and other events too. The best part is that some of the odds on these events may be more valuable than, say, football, just because running’s popularity can’t measure with the global reach in football.

That said, if you want to start betting on running, you should start with these three bets.

Top 3

If you’ve ever placed a bet on a horse race, you surely know what place, win, and show is. This bet is similar, except you’re picking three runners to finish on the top three spots regardless of who wins the race. This market is a safe pick if you do your research. It’s also one of the most popular among running event bettors. But, you shouldn’t just pick three random runners out of the pool. You should take a look at their most recent performances, how they’re doing this season, and check out how they did in the past at the same event if they ran.

Any injuries prior to the race should also be noted. You need a complete track record if you want to predict the top three runners accurately and get real money returns for your bets. Keep in mind that the level of competition is different among the events. The world’s largest marathons are much tougher than sprints, although the latter are not easy to complete at all.

Head to Head

Head to head is a popular betting market in many sports, not just running. But, it’s a great pick particularly for running events where you choose between two athletes. Your goal is to choose the one that finishes higher than the other in a race. If they do, you win. Should they finish lower than the other athlete, they lose the H2H and you lose your bet.

The H2H market is an excellent pick with valuable odds for seasoned running bettors. It’s not a great idea for new bettors on these events, as it requires a bit more knowledge and experience. It also requires knowing the difference between the available running events. Athletes may participate in all kinds of events during the season, but their plans and strategy for marathons and sprints differ. It also depends on their age and recent performances, so if you’re heavily invested in running betting, you should know this before you start.

But, if you’re feeling confident, it’s a great option that can deliver great returns.

Win Outright

The outright market is one of the default most new bettors pick. Just like in any other sport, it lets you pick the athlete you think is most likely to win the event. You’re betting on a single athlete, of course, not comparing them to others like in the head to head. But, competition is fierce in athletics and not everyone is as dominant as Usain Bolt once was. A lot of research is still required, especially if you’re betting outrights on Olympic races where everyone wants a medal.

Early lines may give you better odds depending on the bookmaker for these events. It’s not as easy as you think to pick the winner of an event, but it’s still one of the easiest picks for most bettors.

Tips for Betting on Running Events

Now that you know the top three betting markets for running events, it’s time to get down to business. Betting without a plan is never a good idea, so we’ll give you a few tips on how to optimize your chances and minimize losses.

Study the Athletes and Their Track Record

Without proper research, you won’t win a lot on any betting event, not just running. As mentioned earlier, this is an individual rather than a team sport, so athletes have a lot going for them. Everything is important – from their physical performance to their mindset, you need to study the athletes and track their records to make an accurate prediction.

Keep in Mind the Type of Competition

When placing bets on running events, it’s important to take the type of race into consideration. Big races such as Olympic events or the Diamond League are easier to predict than minor events. But, the latter might have better odds, and that’s something to consider as well.

Injuries Make a Lot of Difference

You also need to take a look at news and see if the runners you want to bet on are suffering from injuries or just recovered from one. Take a look at the stage of the season. Athletics is a challenging discipline, so even the best runners can falter when close to the season’s finish.