Garmin CIQ 6 – an update. It will be on FR265 and FR965

Garmin CIQ 6 – an update. It will be on FR265 and FR965 but…so what?

As of now, System 6 is currently available on many Garmin devices, including Enduro/2, Epix 2, Instinct 2 Series, Instinct Crossover, fenix 6/7 series, MARQ/2 series, and Venu 2 series. It’s highly likely the upcoming Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265/265s will also get the same level of support for the latest iteration of CIQ.

The Connect IQ platform has enabled developers to create custom applications and watch faces that can be installed on top-end Garmin sports devices, expanding their functionality and personalization. The release of Connect IQ System 6 by Garmin marks significant improvements throughout the software development cycle, with tangible benefits for watch owners as well.

Here, we will briefly explore the features and improvements that System 6 brings to the Connect IQ platform. One of the significant improvements in System 6 is the introduction of the Complications API, which provides developers with a cleaner way to access data from Garmin wearables and gives watch faces new, more powerful capabilities. For example, complications on watch faces can show your VO2max status and have a touchable action to launch other functionality.

Previously, watch faces had limited access to your data, and developers had to use different APIs to access different data types. The Complications API allows developers to more easily access a broad range of data fields, streamlining the development and maintenance of watch faces. Additionally, all third-party Connect IQ device apps can become a source of complications, allowing third-party apps to publish data for display in Connect IQ watch faces, providing a new way for developers to showcase data from their apps.



Another significant improvement in System 6 is the Personality UI, which simplifies support for multiple SKUs. The Personality UI combines a new property language, a new design library, and new device APIs. Developers can simplify their designs and make them more consistent using a new library of selectors that developers can use to create custom UIs quickly, making it easy to apply styles and customize them further.

Garmin has already rolled out a new on-device store with System 6, allowing users to browse and install apps directly on their devices without having to go through the Connect IQ app on their phones. This makes it easier for users to discover and install new apps and opens up a new avenue for developers to reach users who may not have installed the Connect IQ app on their phones. Developers are encouraged to update the tagging on their apps to aid discovery in the store.

Finally, Garmin has introduced further improvements for developers to streamline development times.

Take Out

This all sounds nice and wonderful and all.

However, I strongly suspect that when my shiny new Forerunner 965 arrives, few third-party CIQ apps and data fields will work properly with it. Maybe this time around, it will be less Garmin’s fault than before.


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7 thoughts on “Garmin CIQ 6 – an update. It will be on FR265 and FR965

  1. I have not followed the product announcements since F7, but the newer watches are still restricted to 2 ciq datafields in the same app, arent?

    So while one can use 10 ciq datafields on an Edge for at least 4 years, the cpu/rom of newer watches are still considered not fast/big enough to allow 4 or 10 ciq df’s????

    1. yes i believe this remains true.

      I can’t believe it either.

      I think all that has changed is that you could, say, put one Stryd data field on every page whilst running and that only counts as one, leaving you another slot for another df.

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