Garmin is Watching You – UTM Tracking Added to Connect


Garmin is Watching You – UTM Tracking Added to Connect

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In March 2023, the Garmin Connect app for smartphones will be updated with UTM tracking which stands for Urchin Tracking Mode. While some may be uncomfortable with this type of tracking, it is important to note that users can opt out or disable it, at least on iOS devices, by adjusting their Garmin Connect settings.

Q: But what exactly is UTM tracking?

A: It is a method used by Google Analytics to track the websites that users click to and from, as well as when they return to the original website or app. A URL with a suffix like “XYZ.htm?utm_source=GCM&utm_medium=IOS&utm_campaign=MARCH” indicates that the user arrived at the xyz webpage in March via the iOS version of Garmin Connect Mobile.

So, why is Garmin implementing UTM tracking? It appears that the company wants to add “something” to Connect Mobile to encourage users to buy other Garmin products. The UTM code is simply a mechanism to track the effectiveness of any marketing campaigns used to achieve this goal.

While some may worry that this tracking could be used to support in-app ads, there is no indication that Garmin plans to do so. However, it would be beneficial for Garmin to provide a clear explanation of their plans for UTM tracking before it goes live, to alleviate any potential concerns.

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