new Garmin Event Designation – probably for Edge 540/840

Garmin Event Designation

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Get ready for the release of Garmin Event Designation, which will be available on a sports device near you very soon (edit: it’s just gone live!). This type of feature has been historically limited to Edge cycling computers, so my best guess is that it will be included in the upcoming Edge 840/540/840 Solar and maybe on the Edge 1040 / Edge 530 However, even if these Edge devices are not released in the next 2 months, we can expect the Event Designation to arrive very soon, probably this month.

Of course, the recent Fenixes/Epix and top-end Forerunners will also benefit from this type of feature. Just maybe not this month.

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What is Event Designation?

Garmin understands that we have A Races, B Races and C Races and that the importance of each varies, so the training and tapering for each must also vary.

  • A Race – the single, primary focus of your season
  • B Race(s) – important supporting events or practice events
  • C Races – It’s a race but you’re not too bothered about disrupting your training for these races.

The Daily Suggested Workouts will soon take into account your event designations

To get the most out of your training, Garmin offers features that can provide recommendations tailored to your goals. By selecting a primary event on your calendar, you can optimize your training towards that event and improve your chances of success.

Your primary event should be the most important race on your calendar, the one that you want to focus your training towards. Once you select a primary event, Garmin devices and Garmin Connect features, such as Daily Suggested Workouts, will be customized to help you prepare for that specific goal. The primary event will also be added to your device’s race calendar.

It is required to have at least one primary event on your calendar, and if you remove or complete your current primary event, you will be prompted to select a new one. If you do not choose a new primary event, the next supporting event on your calendar will be set as your new primary event.

Supporting events are not as important as your primary event, but you still want to perform well in them. For example, you may choose a 10K and a half marathon as supporting events during your buildup to a marathon as your primary event. By selecting supporting events in addition to your primary event, you can receive customized training recommendations to prepare for all events. Supporting events will also be added to your device’s race calendar, but the primary event will be given priority.

If you choose “No Priority,” it means that you are not doing any special training for this event, and Garmin will not provide customized recommendations for that event.



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  1. This feature is already available for me , enduro 2 & latest Garmin connect update android

  2. Interested to see how the suggested workouts work if your primary event is a (say) cycling event but a secondary event is a running event.

    1. yes!
      could be as simple as a 3 week taper for the former and a 2-3 day taper for the latter.
      could be based on total load, rather than sport-specific load

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