watchGPT added to Apple Watch Store

watchGPT added to Apple Watch Store

It had to happen, I guess. The somewhat infamous chatGPT is now available as a new Watch app called watchGPT from Apple’s app store (here).

WatchGPT is a standalone app with no iOS companion that can be used on any Apple Watch running watchOS 7, 8 or 9. It cost me £3.99 ($3.99/€ 4,99). You can start it as an app or from a watchface complication.

It offers a range of features, including voice commands, text-to-speech capabilities, and the ability to save and view previous conversations.

As with ChatGPT/OpenAI, users can ask the AI language model questions, and get personalized responses based on their input. The app uses natural language processing to understand user queries and generate human-like responses.

Q: Is it any good?

A: No. Not really. It’s like a less useful version of Siri which costs $3.99. The interface needs some streamlining

Does it tell you the weather? No,

Can it control your Homekit appliances? No,

Can if find stuff? No,

So there is none of the clever Apple interactivity. However, I’ll update this post in a few weeks if watchGPT starts to give better responses than Siri to things a little more advanced than queries of Wikipedia. Though, to be fair, I don’t ask too much of my Watch on that front….#MustTryHarder


A cheaper alternative is WatchAI.

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