Incus Performance – Bankrupt

Incus Performance – out of business // ceased trading

Incus Performance, a UK-based wearables firm known for its innovative approach to swimming wearables, announced that it would cease trading due to financial difficulties. Despite the claimed success of its swim tracker device, the company struggled to compete and secure funding for growth. In a statement, Incus Performance expressed regret at having to close the business and thanked their customers and partners for their support. Alistair Brownlee was an investor in the company.


I’m not surprised by this news.

Although I attended a few press briefings, I avoided spending time on a review because I suspected this outcome some time ago. However, I take no pleasure in being proven right.

In my opinion, sports dynamics metrics and systems are highly niche and have limited potential markets, especially considering the market’s willingness to pay a premium price. Except for Stryd, I cannot see any retail-focused sports dynamics sensor business succeeding. RunScribe now targets running labs, and several shoe-based running metrics companies have gone bankrupt, as did pod-based SHFT. Even bike aero systems seem to struggle.


Incus NOVA Run Motion Sensor now on sale






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2 thoughts on “Incus Performance – Bankrupt

  1. Now that almost all new sport watches started to offer ‘running power’ from wriest, I’m not sure that STRYD is not headed that way too.
    I know that they have an existing loyal customer base, but can they expand it that remains to be seen.

    1. i can’t see stryd producing a sports watch
      its differentiator is accurate sensor information recorded i an good location and with a good analytics ecosystem
      IMHO: stryd’s next move should be to open up a limited version of its ecosystem to Apple Watch POWER and focus on ‘owning’ running power on that platform (ie with no POD)

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