Cycling Races You Should Watch in 2023


Best Bike Races You Don’t Want to Miss

Cycling is a sport that often doesn’t get enough attention from the mainstream media, but it is in fact one of the healthiest and most human-friendly sports out there.

The sport is a pure test of skill and endurance as it pits cyclists in a race across massive distances, with willpower and physical endurance both being put to the ultimate test.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, watching cycling on TV can be a great way to motivate yourself to undertake some biking challenges for yourself. You can even make things interesting by making some cycling bets through and supporting your favourite athletes as they achieve unthinkable feats of endurance.

These are a few cycling races you should not miss in 2023 if you enjoy the sport and love to take on some miles on your own bike as well.

#1 – Giro d’Italia

Tour de France is easily the most reported cycling race by the media, but it does not mean that it’s the best or the toughest one out there.

In fact, Giro d’Italia is considered to be much tougher by the competitors, who had to ride their bikes all the way from Hungary to Sicily and climb Mount Etna last year to finish the race.

It is truly incredible to see the pros climb mountain tops across Italy in this fascinating race, and if you really want to motivate yourself and see humans push their limits, Giro d’Italia is definitely the race you need to see.

You can expect to see some great names like Vincenzo Nibali and Tom Dumoulin at this year’s Giro, which makes the race that much more entertaining to watch.

#2 – Tour de France

As already mentioned, Tour de France is definitely the most popular of all cycling races in the world, and there are plenty of good reasons for it.

The multi-week, international race starts all the way in Denmark and allows cyclists to show off all their skill and strength as they ride across the French Alps and defeat the tough terrain and often unpredictable weather, despite happening in the summertime.

Tour de France is a truly international spectacle with cyclists from all over the world taking pride in competing in it, and the likes of reigning champion Jonas Vingegaard and his closest competitors, Slovenian Primoz Pogacar always putting on a real show in the finish.

#3 – Tour of Spain

The final race on the cycling calendar every year before the World Championship, the Tour of Spain tends to be truly competitive and extremely fun for everyone involved.

Being the last race of the year, it is one in which riders look to get new sponsorship contracts and prove their worth in case they failed to impress in other races throughout the year.

Tour of Spain is equally as demanding as Tour de France, and it definitely doesn’t go easy on any of the riders, regardless of their motivations.

The one thing we see time and time again at Tour of Spain is that some of the top cyclists make way for their teammates to shine and the teams always find new ways to entertain us and put on a true spectacle.

If you are only going to keep track of what’s happening at a few races every year, Tour of Spain is one that you should definitely add to your calendar.

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