Garmin Instinct 2X and 2X Solar – inbound

garmin instinct crossover
garmin instinct crossover

Garmin Instinct 2X

Source: @fftest

Top sleuth @fftest_en has discovered the likely impending arrival of a new size version of the Garmin Instinct 2X. It will probably be called the Instinct 2X and it looks like there is a Solar version of the 2X as well.

FLO notes that the filing shows that the “…width is about 57 mm, which is significantly larger than the 45 mm of the Instinct 2.”

A similar listing on the Singaporean Telecoms Licensing System (TLS) describes this watch as a multisport watch and the fact that we have a TLS listing and one on the FCC indicates that the release is imminent. Though my guess would be for early to mid-April.

Edit: It looks likely there will ALSO be an EMS Series 2 Instinct...

Garmin EMS Instinct 2 Series & 2X



Why not?

We are seeing Garmin creating many possible variants of its most popular devices. This includes Solar versions, LTE versions, AMOLED versions, analogue-digital hybrid versions, and small/medium and large versions. If you want to sell more stuff, one way is to appeal to more people in different and novel ways

It’s likely that the Instinct 2X will get a little feature boost with something copied from the Fenix 7 and UNlikely that anything truly new will be added. At least nothing that would be useful to mainstream Forerunner/Fenix watches

More Excitement

Don’t forget the Edge 840, 540 and 840 Solar will be coming soon. If you want a new Edge wait until then and if the likely price tag will be too high for you then also wait until then as the prices of the 530/830 will likely fall at the same time as the new launch.



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2 thoughts on “Garmin Instinct 2X and 2X Solar – inbound

  1. Is there a possibility for this new Instinct 2X watch to have some kind of monochrome/greyshade low detail mapping ? I don’t see real use for such larger display… maybe only for additional space for solar panel.

    1. i’m doing some digging on all of this.
      there is also another 3-watch FCC registration from garmin. could this be fenix 8 or instinct 3…could this be linked to the new larger instinct which we assume is 2x

      that said mapping is one of the key differentiators for garmin between mid and high end price points.
      some people clearly like the chunky Instinct (a la Casio) format so maybe we could see a whole new tier of Instinct (perhaps not even called like epix vs fenix) and this would most obviously have maps as a differentiator rather than an AMOLED screen.

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