UK/EU >= Garmin 965 shipping now

Garmin Forerunner 965 – UK Orders SHIPPING Now At Wiggle

The Garmin Forerunner 965 Review is Now Live

Looks like my Forerunner 965 will be here on Saturday 18th in the UK, delivery is listed as tomorrow (17 March) but I think that is a quirk of the system (Edit: delivery was 18 March)

I’ve no intel on the size of Wiggle’s stock, demand is significant and I would imagine there is a good chance it will sell out. So…you know what to do.

If there are any future supply restrictions the key retailers like Wiggle and REI will get the most stock first.

Here is the link:




Price: USA $599, UK £599, EU649

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26 thoughts on “UK/EU >= Garmin 965 shipping now

  1. Very jealous! I placed my order within 10 minutes of the release on March 2 direct from in the US. Still no movement or updates on the order. Hope you get yours tomorrow, and enjoy it!!

    1. Maybe they do things differently in the land of the free. But prior experience of ordering with Garmin UK is that just ordering with whoever has exclusivity, usually 2-6 weeks. (normally wiggle but there have been others) is the way to go, otherwise they don’t dispatch till that period elapses. Good ????

      1. yes.
        it’s figuring out who has exclusivity tho.
        so for forerunner type stuff in the UK then it is typically wiggle
        but if its more outdoorsy then it could be someone like cotswold.

  2. i got mine yesterday.
    I switched from Epix2
    the build definitely feels that it is not premium class.
    yet it is light and thin.
    while the display is comparable to the AW Ultra,
    it runs faster than Epix.
    OK buttons although there is no hard click.
    generally fantastic watch if you do not need premium case.
    I heard that the 955 had a problem with other maps than garmin. no such problem here.

    1. Faster then the Epix – that sounds great. I have the Epix, and it feels smooth.
      I was hoping I would get the F965 before the Berlin half ????????‍♂️????, but it sounds from Pulsure in DK that’s its still in back order.

      1. Hi mate,
        Unfortunately, there is a problem with these maps.
        they may work, but the watch will freeze when entering the map menu.
        I can’t disable others to see if they work.
        after removing them, TT topo Talky and the rest Garmin Maps works great again.

    2. Thanks for taking the time to try it, much appreciated!

      Too bad it doesn’t seem to work (these used to work with the 945) because I think that means that the common issue with the custom maps playing on the 955 also seems to be present on the 965 (some maps work, many don’t).

      Anyway, perhaps it’s in the maps afterall.. Hard to tell but the end result is the same anyway 😉

      Enjoy the 965!

  3. Looking forward to what you think about the 965. Of course you could save me a lot of € by saying it’s terrible & best avoided 🙂

      1. Whew well that’s fine then! Still holding solid at 3 – 5 on the Irish Garmin site so I’ve plenty of time to mull it over.

  4. A friend of mine works in a local sport shop, he pointed out that they are selling the 955 for less than the 265 (€494.99 vs €499.99). They expect some stock of the 965 to show up in the next few weeks as well.

  5. I’ve just had an email from Wiggle saying my order won’t be shipped before 28/04 when it’s estimated delivery date was 30/03. Took a week for the order just to be processed. Just checked the website and they’re still selling saying next week. No updates, no updated delivery date on account.

    1. Hi Nick, so to understand, Wiggle take your money and delays delivery as they wish, which will eventually catch up with the estimated availability on I’m looking to buy this watch, but at the moment I’m also confused if I take it from Wiggle will it be delivered as they say before placing the order? Will it be manufactured in the same country as the ones sold on So many if’s and why’s. Let’s hope for better communication and delivery terms.

      Regards, John

      1. they are all manufactured on the same production line AFAIK
        Wiggle is generally pretty good and, especially so, if you have a customer service issue. at least in my experience.
        that said its messages on the site are not always accurate when there are new product and pre-order type situation. I think it’s more cock-up than conspiracy type issues, they’re not a money grabber with no intent to supply for months. indeed wiggle are MUCH more likely to get SIGNIFICANT stocks than anyone else simply because they are probably garmin’s biggest non-Amazon retailer in the UK.
        i buy the annual next-day delivery service option which is a one off cost of £10 from memory. only worth it if you plan other purchases.
        Note: I don’t thin there is necessarily any link to the delivery dates that are on garmin’s site. different stock allocations of different sizes will goto different places.

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