Giveaway: free Whoop apparel to a few lucky readers

Whoop+TYR Swim Wear

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I still have some more! First 3 in the UK to reply below will get sent a free pair…small only

I recently reviewed some Whoop//TYR performance jammers which contain a pouch for your Whoop.

HRbutt // Whoop+Tyr: Butt-measured HR on TYR Swimwear

They were a freebie from the company and they seem to have sent me 4 pairs too many.

Guess what? 4 of you can have a pair for free. Whoop just confirmed it’s OK.

This is a giveaway and not a competition. So all you have to do is say something nice in the comments below and use a valid email address so I can contact you. The email address will be hidden from public view.

These are normally sold for GBP69/pair

The catch

  1. This is mainland UK only.
  2. Size small (30) only (see sizing in the review link, above)
  3. Camo colour only (colour: Turbulent)
  4. Definitely NOT used! bagged, sealed, unused and unopened





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