Garmin Edge 540/840 will get Sensor Setup Tweak

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Garmin Edge 540/840 will get Sensor Setup Tweak via Garmin  Connect

As we already know, the four Edge 540/840/Solar will be with us in mid-April (ish). I’ve already shared the headline improvements and specs here if you want to go back and check that out. However, there are several smaller improvements that will be made and here are some details on the first of them.

Source: @JohnW

Sensor Setup Sharing

This looks like it will be a nice tweak to an existing feature…if it works.

Sensor sharing builds on the existing feature whereby the setup of a new device should use existing sport profiles, data pages and settings. I’ve found this just doesn’t work for me as I would expect on just about every new Garmin I’ve had over the last year and a bit.


The ‘new’ feature uses Garmin Connect to recognise which sensors you’ve used during your activities over the last year and gives you the option to transfer them to your (new) Edge.

This appears to be different as

  1. It could be an on-demand feature,not necessarily used in the initial device setup
  2. It could be used to set up a sensor on, say, a Forerunner and then copy the setup to your Edge.

(Custom) Activity Profiles also seem to be included in this ‘new’ feature.

This sounds very similar to what is already there on Garmin Connect, perhaps the new twist is that now it will actually work?



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