Garmin Instinct Esports Gets New Features to Enhance Gaming Performance

garmin instinct crossover
garmin instinct crossover

new Garmin eSports features and new Garmin Instinct 2 eSports

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One of the variants of the Garmin Instinct is the eSports Edition for gamers.

It seems that Garmin is about to add a mini-suite of features essentially built around tracking your stress levels against your win rate. More than that we will see an Instinct 2 Version of the eSports added to the current Instinct 2 range (currently the eSports watch is only available on Instinct Series 1)

Garmin already produces its estimates of stress based on HR/HRV analyses of your nervous systems. Now all gamers have to do is track (input) their winning performances against game/game type and Garmin does the rest.

The benefits here could be twofold. Firstly you might want to see if gaming is adversely affecting your stress levels or, turn it around, do you play better at certain levels of stress. Perhaps a bit of yogic reflection between rounds of COD might help you level up. (I’m just guessing that Call of Duty has levels and trying to pretend I’m a hip young/middle-aged gamer…I’m not)

Track Your Outcomes

You can assign these outcomes


  • 61% or lower
  • Forfeit
  • Loss
  • Tie


  • Tie: 11-60%
  • Battle Royale
  • Match
  • Match Play
  • Placement
  • Sandbox
  • Win/Loss
  • Win:Top 10%
  • Gaming Win Rate

Outcome History

You can view your win rate for individual activities, as well as a breakdown of your wins and losses in each match in the activity details view. Win rate is also available in 7-day, 4-week and 1-year reports, so you can track your progress over time.

Win rate is calculated differently depending on the nature of the game you are playing. For games with a win, tie or loss outcome, your win rate simply reflects the percentages of matches that you won.

For matches with a ranked outcome, the win rate is calculated based on rank



Longer term stats will give feedback on this

  • Gaming Activities
  • Avg Daily Win Rate
  • Avg Loss Stress
  • Avg Tie Stress
  • Avg Weekly Win Rate
  • Avg Win Rate
  • Avg Win Stress
  • Daily Win Rates
  • Matches
  • Monthly Win Rates


Take Out

If you are a competitive gamer then tracking results and their contributing physiological factors is probably a good idea.

If you’re playing for fun…perhaps less so.


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