humungous Garmin Instinct 2X Revealed in Images

Garmin Instinct 2X Solar
Image|winfuture – First Picture: Garmin Instinct 2X

Garmin Instinct 2X – more Instinct newness and more Instinct hugeness

Sources: @johnw, @fftest & Roland Quant

As reported on this site two weeks ago, Garmin is set to release the Instinct 2X which features a solar panel and flashlight. Garmin’s Instinct watches already come in several additions with an Emergency Responder series soon to be added plus new features for the new Instinct 2 eSports Edition. Instinct watches directly appeal to the aesthetic of Casio watches, with extreme durability for rugged outdoor adventures being the basic selling point.

Today’s news is that we have the first pictures, and I’ve shown one above.

Garmin EMS Instinct 2 Series & 2X

If you thought your Instinct 2 was big at 45mm prepare to feel inadequate on the size front. If your wrist was just the right size for your 51mm Garmin Fenix 7 then get ready to outsize it. The Instinct 2X is approximately the same size as a Jeep Cherokee, coming in at a super-whopping 57mm. It’s Garmin’s biggest watch by far. (Edit: or at least that’s what the original claims were, the launch info states it’s smaller than the Fenix 7X)

Regulatory listings on the Singaporean Telecoms Licensing System (TLS) and the FCC indicate that the release is imminent. Though my guess would be for early to mid-April alongside the new Edge 540/840.

To see all the 2X images then, as usual, a nice gallery is available on WinFuture.

Oh…it might have a flashlight 😉 like this…



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11 thoughts on “humungous Garmin Instinct 2X Revealed in Images

  1. Who will actually wear 57mm watch?
    The only way to wear it and not look awkward is over the thick textile, i.e. uniforms or such.

    1. If you want AMOLED go and buy Fenix. 🙂
      Garmin doesn’t want to compete Instinct with Fenix/Epix. If that were the case, who would buy fenix?
      Anyway, monochrome screen is a kind of signature for Instinct series IMHO…

      1. Fenix doesn’t have AMOLED. It’s Memory in Pixel screen. Epic has AMOLED. And others.

    2. Leave AMOLED to Epix and Venu. Hopefully Instinct and Fenix will maintain MIP screens and won’t be shining like a Christmas tree.

  2. Is 57mm size confirmed? On the photo it looks more like it will be around 47-51mm diameter, just check bezel to strap ratio I doubt they will make such wide strap.

  3. *Garmin and smart-watch users in general, when they hear about a 57mm watch*:

    *All those who grew up collecting oldschool G-Shocks*:
    ONLY 57mm?…meh!

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