new Garmin Enduro ?

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Is there a new Garmin Enduro Inbound?


Edit/Update: There will in fact be a Fenix 7 PRO series and an Epix 2 Pro series which will be the first to get the new Hill Score feature.

Yesterday’s trickle of information through the Garmin Security Sieve included the start of an important new set of features for Hill Runners starting with Hill Score .

Very quickly for now: that simply gives endurance and strength scores for your hill work with the ability to view trends.

This seemed odd when I wrote about it yesterday and it got me thinking…which is always a risky endeavour.

It seemed odd because Hill Score is a decent feature but it’s coming out at the same time as some Garmin Edge bike computers and some extensions to the Instinct 2 range. Normally a new watch or bike computer from Garmin is paired with a new feature and we already know that Instinct 2 is 1) getting a big 2X version with optional Solar 2) getting an Emergency Responder ‘EMS’ Edition and 3) getting a new eSports Edition.

So where does Hill Score fit into that? A: It doesn’t. Hill metrics are DEFINITELY something that is in the realms of way better-than-average runners; perhaps who would typically buy a Forerunner

Yes. You’ve already got there as well. If you were to complete that sentence you would add “or an Enduro 2“. I then had about 10 seconds of excitement fantasising about an Enduro 3 before reality hit home. The reality, of course, is that we are not due an Enduro 3 and such a watch will come no earlier than next year and after the Fenix 8.

Important Techy Note: Enduro appears to be a technical derivative of the Fenix and its second version was only released in August 2022 as a large 51mm version with a 280x280px MIPS screen.

You can see where this is going. It makes some sense that there could be a new Enduro with an AMOLED screen which would follow the trend of recent AMOLED launches or we might see a smaller-sized Enduro 2s or regular-sized Enduro which would be an Enduro 2 (err….the current one should really be Enduro 2X). Or we might see an EVEN larger model that is the same size as the 57mm Instinct 2X which will itself be released in April.


The new HILL SCORE feature will NOT be paired with either a new Forerunner, the new Instinct 2X or an imaginary Enduro 2 AMOLED.

What we will get will either be a regular, 47mm Enduro or a 57mm Enduro 2XX. Maybe. Perhaps, We might. I mean, this post is labelled at the top as speculative.

Thoughts below. I’m erring toward the Enduro 2XX, just because it sounds so silly but would probably be pretty good.


Garmin to Add Enhanced Hill Score as a Notable New Feature to Forerunner Watches


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3 thoughts on “new Garmin Enduro ?

  1. My thinks that Enduro and AMOLED do not (ever) go together in the same sentence.

  2. I really hope that we don’t see an Amoled version of the Enduro solely because it goes against what the Enduro is supposed to be – the most stripped down, longest running watch you can buy from Garmin.

  3. Why not have Enduro be the MIP niche product going forward, once Fenix goes to all AMOLED?

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