Wahoo Roam 2 Receives Speed Boost, Stages Cycling Dash Adds ClimbPro-like Feature

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A New Tweak today from Wahoo and a Feature from last Week from Stages

Wahoo has today delivered a new speed boost to the Roam 2, as shown here and below in the update notes

  • Improved: GPS performance in weak signal areas
  • Improved: Accuracy of battery percentage
  • Improved: GPS chip power consumption

So that’s less power used by the chip and better positioning at the same time. Can’t be bad. The battery Percentage fix probably just better reports the charge state of the battery, which I’ve found several times to be not as I expected. Though I suspect what I’ve found more is that the Wahoos don’t seem to always charge properly from certain power sources. I guess Wahoo would call them the wrong power sources.

Stages Dash L200 Review | M200 | Performance BikeNav

Stages Cycling Dash

I duly spotted the new climbing feature for Stages Dash bike computers (M50/L200) a week ago today and duly loaded up the new feature to test. I just never quite got around to the actual testing.

On paper at least, it seems to be a nice set of features to analyse past climbs and help you on the current one.

  • Climb: Dash will now analyze course files for climbs along the route and display the following:
    • Climb list: The climb list displays a list of all climbs present in your course in a table, including number, distance to climb, length, ascent, and average grade. Select a completed climb to view a summary of your performance or select an upcoming climb to view the profile and climb details.
    • Climb profile: The climb profile page displays a profile of the climb as a colour-coded gradient (from green to dark red) profile, with climb progress greyed out
    • Live climb metrics: Current climb time, power, heart rate, and VAM are displayed top left corner.
    • Climb remaining: Distance and ascent to the top of the climb are displayed at the bottom of the climb profile page.
    • Climb settings: Choose to see the climb page for All, Medium and above, or Large climbs only, and if you would like to create a new lap for every climb.

Along with following structured workouts on the Stages app, Stages have also added support for Apple Health Integration so now your completed Stages workout can count towards your Apple fitness rings.



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