4iiii Precision 3 Power Meter Now Self-Adjusts to Different Terrain Types

4iiii precision 3 review specifications

Optimizing for terrain: 4iiii adds firmware update to PRECISION 3 Powermeter

The latest firmware update for 4iiii Innovations’ 3rd generation power meter has just been unveiled. The upgrade, which 4iiii markets as a game-changer for cyclists, dynamically switches between a gyroscope and accelerometer as the main source for cadence depending on the surface smoothness and cadence.

4iiii precision 3 review specifications
Q: Why Does This Matter

Pedal/Crank-based Power Meters need to know your cadence to determine power. If, for whatever reason, revolutions are missed then your power accuracy will fall.

Super-high cadence rates and non-smooth surfaces can give missed revolutions when accelerometers are the source of cadence


Q: What’s the alternative?

Other companies, like Stages Cycling and now 4iiii, incorporate a gyroscope within the power meter. This increases certainty but also increases battery consumption.

Thus, unlike Stages, 4iiii dynamically switches to the gyroscope only when needed, theoretically getting the best cadence on all surfaces for the lowest battery consumption.

Q: Anything Else?

Yes, 4iiii claim both an instant start-up response and the ability to handle up to 220rpm (not tested 😉 )

Plus you can get a sneaky discount as shown below

Buy one and get a 3-Year Warranty

4iiii offers a generous 3-year warranty.

Ride-ready cranks start at $/£/Eu324.99 with the Shimano 105 R7000 and increase upwards depending on the value of the crank you buy.

It costs $/£/Eu299 to install on your existing cranks regardless of the model (or currency!) and this typically saves you about 30%.

Get yours here from Wiggle or use the code the5krunner10 for a 10% discount at PowerMeterCity (USA)


buy 4iiii precision gen 3 discount

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