New Features Updated on Garmin Forerunner 955 and 255

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Garmin Forerunner 955/255. Wrist-based Running Dynamics and Load Ratio Update – beta update available

Garmin’s recent firmware update for the Forerunner 955 model and 255 models was further updated today and brings new features that improve the user experience for runners and triathletes alike. The update resolves various issues and introduces wrist-based Running Dynamics and Load Ratio tracking, previously only available on the Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265 models. Here’s a quick recap on the new features and links on how to install them

Wrist-based Running Dynamics

This update eliminates the need for expensive, additional accessories like the Running Dynamics Pod (RD-POD) or Garmin chest straps (HRM-PRO). Various running metrics are now available in real-time, such as ground contact time, vertical oscillation, real-time stride length, and real-time steps per minute, all from their wrist.

This is one of those features that will appeal to a minority of runners who are highly interested in monitoring and improving technique. That’s a worthy goal but most of us might only use these features infrequently.

new Garmin WRIST Running Dynamics – Which models will get it?

Load Ratio Tracking

The firmware update also includes a modification to short-term and long-term Load tracking, whereby acute and chronic fatigue are compared via the Load Ration and then the ratio is tracked over time.

This feature covers an important aspect of fitness for those of you who are following a plan of some sort. Most plans will give progressive, weekly increases in volume and intensity. The ratio will help you minimise injuries by not increasing loads too quickly.

Note: not yet on FR255

Garmin adds Training Load Ratio and Chronic Load


Additional Features and Improvements

There are also bug fixes and these minor improvements: Altitude acclimation percentage display (helps adapt to changes in elevation), Workout suggestions for upcoming bike events (choose an appropriate workout today based on your readiness), Calorie calculation based on wrist-based heart rate during swimming activities, Support for sleep mode features (sleep schedules), disable the auto-discover feature for sensors (very welcomed)

Installation Instructions

The firmware update is currently available as a “First” Beta update and is part of the next round of quarterly updates. Link your Garmin watch to a Wi-Fi network and go here: Main Menu > System > About > Check for Updates. Prerequisite: Garmin Beta Program member.

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17 thoughts on “New Features Updated on Garmin Forerunner 955 and 255

  1. Support for sleep mode features such as sleep schedules.

    This didn’t appear in the recent Fenix beta?

    Is this allowing for naps or more than one sleep session in a single day?

    1. Looks like it is just a feature to adjust when you plan to go to bed and turn on sleep mode. I don’t see a huge benefit in this as I keep it at 10pm to 5:45 everyday. If I go to bed later all it means is my watch is already in sleep mode with do not disturb turned on.

  2. Have you heard anything about potential changes to the wrist or HRM Pro-based power algorithms?

    I know that running power is not a theoretically objective statistic like cycling power, but the Garmin native power runs so high. I get 300-350W+ on moderate/tempo type runs, whereas Stryd is around 250W and feels much more aligned with my fitness and relative effort compared to bike efforts. Again, get that it’s somewhat subjective but Garmin one just feels way off IMO.

    1. is there anything you have heard?

      there are TWO correct and accepted algorithm/methods of calculating running power. garmin uses one, stryd the other. they will never be the same. at least that’s my understanding

  3. So may I ask if it is everything what is on 265? I know 265 have also amoled….

  4. So I’m in 14.2 and have had these features for almost two months. Are you discussing 14.2 which released in February?

  5. Are you sure the load radio is coming to the 255 too?
    I see the it listed only in the 955 announcement for 15.09-

      1. I don’t see it on the change logs, but users in the garmin forum say that they do have the Load Ratio on the beta.

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