new Garmin Varia RTL615 // eRTL615

Garmin Varia eRTL615Garmin Varia RTL615 //eRTL615

Garmin has recently launched an interesting new radar tail light with specs very similar to the existing Varia RTL515 but with power sourced from your eBike’s battery. Not having a battery onboard makes it significantly more compact and seems to boost the price considerably to $299 plus the cost of any additional cable for Bosch/Shimano/USB-A compatibility

While I haven’t personally tested this product and have no plans to do so, it’s highly likely that it will be as awesome as every other Varia light. The radar should be accurate, and the lights bright and obvious enough to warn tailgating car drivers behind you.

The Varia eRTL615 will work best when used with a bike computer or cycling app. While they’re not necessary for the radar and light to function, having a display allows you to effectively monitor vehicles approaching from behind without having to turn around. Additionally, you’ll receive audible alerts as they approach you.

I ALWAYS cycle with a Garmin Varia Radar Tail Light (RTL515)…so if you have an eBike the cheaper RTL615 will certainly be the one for you.


Garmin Varia RTL615 Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 41.2 x 77.7 x 20.0 mm (1.6″ x 3.1″ x 0.79″)
  • Weight: 50.0 g
  • Modes: solid, peloton, night flash, day flash
  • Lumens: 20 solid, 8 peloton, 29 night flash, 65 day flash
  • Power requirements: 6-12 V DC, 1.6W max
  • Mounting: 2 M4 bolts, 50 mm spacing; friction flange adapter included
  • ANT+: yes
  • BLE: yes
  • Water rating: IPX7
  • Viewing angle: 220°

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9 thoughts on “new Garmin Varia RTL615 // eRTL615

  1. I think the price is just for a compatible cable ????… the radar is way more than that, making it almost twice as the RTL515, without battery, which makes it… pointless?

    I mean, when I saw it and saw the price I just stopped reading, so I don’t really know what else it has to offer over the previous RTL515

    1. Might be playing the game of artificially elevated list price, to make the device more attractive for OEM. Because surely that’s where the money is in the ebike market. If someone buys it at aftermarket price nonetheless, good for Garmin, if there are zero aftermarket sales they still win as long as even just a single OEM customer more is convinced by a huge delta between aftermarket list price and whatever they offer OEM.

      Note that Garmin went through the pains of offering a smartphone app for the radar, this is completely irrelevant in aftermarket use cases, but huge for OEM that take the light/radar but might want to skip on the hadunit.

    1. A mirror doesn’t create a sound alert, a mirror doesn’t change the flash pattern depending on traffic, and a mirror can’t be used by the other riders in my group. The varia is always working, whereas a mirror only works when you look at it. Nor can a mirror tell you if there’s multiple cars behind you.

      You may not value these features, but many of those who have actually tried a varia, do. The only people that don’t like them are those who have never tried one.

      1. have to admit i was sceptical until i tried one a few years ago. now i use it 100% of my cycling time, well, at least if the battery hasn’t run out
        it’s a good product with the added bonus that it might save my life.

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