Garmin Edge 1040+ PLUS (AMOLED) – Speculation

Garmin Edge 1040 Side View
Garmin Edge 1040 Side View

Garmin Edge 1040+ (Plus) AMOLED – Speculation

Source: I won’t disclose the source

I have seen some interesting Garmin information about multiple future models of watches and bike computers. I received this information quite some time ago, maybe in March, and I will release it gradually over time to validate leaks.

However, one product that stood out was a new Edge unit that I couldn’t place logically in the expected Garmin lineup.

There was one other product that was clearly the upcoming Edge 140, which has no significant software updates and is just an Edge 130 with better hardware nad updated, existing software. But then there was another product that had a more updated software package than either the Edge 1040 or what I expected to be the Edge 140.


So my speculation would initially be that this must be an even higher-end model. It could have premium materials or be an even larger size, but I think that is unlikely.

It also seems to be on the cards for release within the next 12 months and probably this year. For a new Edge 1050 to come out so soon after the Edge 1040 would be unlikely. Yet that same logic could also have been applied to the possibility of a Forerunner 965 coming so soon after the 955. Yet we have the 965, which is, in effect, a larger-screened AMOLED 955 in the same case size.

An MTB/Trail/Gravel-specific model is also a possibility, but typically Garmin just gives us the option of a protective silicone case to ruggedize existing Edge units. So I would discount that option too, as I would also discount any kind of satellite linkup. LTE/eSIM connectivity could be a possibility, though.

From a market perspective, such a bike computer could stack up well against the SRAM/Hammerhead Karoo 2, which has the best screen going (and which also must be due for a refresh soon) and the ability to add a SIM.”


My Best Guess For the new high-end Edge

It will be an Edge 1040 Plus.

  • It will have an AMOLED screen of either the same size as the 1040 OR of a larger display in the same case size that goes much closer to the protective casing (‘bezel’).
  • It will also have LTE and maybe Garmin PAY.
  • I expect a launch for this in March 2024.
  • We could possibly see AMOLED trickledown to 540+/840+ also in 2024
  • Going forwards I would expect either solar and/or touchscreen to become standard with the differentiation of the 5xx and 8xx series being AMOLED and/or LTE.



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14 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 1040+ PLUS (AMOLED) – Speculation

  1. Haha! And you’ll have to raise your handlebars in order to wake up the dimmed screen. Wheelie gesture mode 😀

  2. Sorry for the double post, didn’t register the first time and there’s no way to delete them :/

    1. i think if you are a supporter you can 😉
      I’ve just done it!!

      ty for the comment(s) !

      Your post continually remind me of TomTom! (obviously) as does one of their former employees who regularly walks past my house. #HappyGPS-Memories

      1. Yeah, I’m Tom and my first automotive GPS and first running watch were TomTom. I preferred it over Garmin but it obviously had to change 😉

  3. Really, amoled? I don´t think so. The amoled display of the Epix 2 is almost not usable on the handlebars because of its auto dimming (to prevent burn in?). So I can´t imagine that there will
    be a (huge) amoled display on a new edge at all.

    1. Curious. I use my 265 with “AOD during activities” on the handlebars and I can see it quite well

  4. My gosh I really hate OLED technology. Burn in will definitely happen on an always on display. I really don’t need fancy colors to see how fast I’m going, how many watts cadence heart rate and calories at a glance when my attention is mostly on the road.

      1. Apple would sell shit with its logo on it. AMOLED has many purposes for media consumer devices but when it comes to sports or even watches in general, it’s like saying e-reader is worse to read e-books than a tablet. I don’t watch pictures on it and when using maps, I glance for 2 seconds, I don’t plan my trip on it!

  5. Why can’t Garmin make a bike computer purely for navigation.
    5 inch screen, bright red route line which can be seen day or night.
    A 100 hr battery for touring. Weight not a issue
    That would be great for us long distance touring cyclists

  6. Nah. There would be absolutely no point with the UX and mapping on the Edge series. It’d need the software they run on their newer watches to have any purpose. What would the color and contrast be for otherwise? I don’t think they’re ready to do that.

    Also, certainly no LTE or other mobile crap. Increases cost and ruins battery life, plus introduces huge mobile related taxes / duties in some countries.

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