Sports Watch gets BEST EVER GPS Track

Sports Watch gets the BEST EVER GPS Track

Very exciting news from last week’s 10-mile test.

A new, as yet unreleased GPS watch, got the best-ever GPS accuracy score beating recent Garmins, recent COROS watches, all Apple Watches and the good old V800 and AMBIT 3.

Q: What was remarkable about the test result track?

A: It actually showed where I ran…most of the time. Incredible. After all these years.

The new dual-frequency chips are supposed to properly handle reflected GNSS signals and that in itself should be the biggest improver of accuracy we see in the current raft of technology. I had some excellent results in that regard from the new watch on this test, yet still, it could have done better on one part of the test where it was intentionally impacted by reflected signals from high buildings and a tunnel.

One part of the test is impossible, so a 100% track will probably never be achieved other than by luck, so this 92% score is probably pretty close to the best that can be achieved. At least on this run. I reckon if I re-ran this test 10 times, the watch would score between 87% and 95%.

Even though 92% sounds quite a bit better than 85%, there are always vagaries that mean that most of us would never really spot the difference unless we looked super closely. Indeed, the Forerunner 965 test shown above as 83% probably reflected a bit of bad luck on Garmin’s part and over months of usage you probably wouldn’t be able to distinguish its GNSS performance from the Epix 2.

Q: When do we see the mystery sports watch?

A: Soon

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