Tips for treatment: how to make money on property in Spain

Tips for treatment: how to make money on property in Spain


To get a high value from real estate investments in property for sale with a sea view in Spain or other promising areas of Spain, you need to prepare carefully. Once the buyer has selected a suitable property and settled all the legal issues associated with the transaction, he should do home ging, i.e., preparing the property for resale or leasing. Investors anticipate tenants waiting or have them consider increased home sensitivities for their families. To the success of such a result, as a rule, resort to tricks:



The owner must determine the characteristics of things, such as photographs, drawings of his children, souvenirs from recent family travel, etc. Buyers and tenants imagine themselves living in the proposed home rather than learning how the property lives there.


The decor should be neutral. Individual style with oversized beautiful flowers, old furniture, and unusual accessories may be from the incarnation of the occupants. As a result, the consequences of solving the problem without fermentation will be revealed. Make it easy for the furniture buyer or landlord and offer him the full potential of your home.


The smell of the premises is the first thing that people are close to upon entering the house. The air freshening control can be carried out with a neutral smell or make coffee. If the owner does not want to use additional fragrances, he should ensure the room is well-ventilated. This is especially important if he smokes or has pets.



Most people like houses that feel light. Therefore, it is required to take care of a sufficient amount of real estate in Spain. Try to make appointments at the maximum possible hours of the day, open all the blinds and curtains, and connect additional light sources if you need more. The main thing is that the house should be light.

Cleanliness and tidiness


This is the most obvious but, at the same time, the most important piece of advice. The owner needs to make sure that the property looks clean and tidy. The bathroom and kitchen are the main indicators of order in the house, so there is no place in this room for cosmetics, dishes, and other unnecessary things. Try to keep track of unnecessary items in the rest of the rooms. Remove all:

  • magazines;
  • stacks of books;
  • cloth;
  • Proper organization of space will help make the house bigger.

Property painting


A beautifully painted home will always look newer than it is. Thus, investing small amounts in quality paint speeds up the sale or rental process and secures a higher price or rent.


Assessment of white or slight tone. Future tenants will like smooth and clear lines. Painting your home is a good way to change your home’s look and make the rooms feel more spacious.

The most popular areas in Spain


The province has nine administrative regions, differing in the degree of infrastructure development, area, and location. From the standpoint of living comfort and investment profitability, foreigners often choose the following locations.



The area is located in the southern part of the city and includes two communities:


Centro Historico. This historical centre of the city has a unique architectural development. It is within walking distance of the beach and concentrates all the popular retail outlets. There is only one minus – finding an apartment in a new building here is impossible. The housing stock has a rich history, some buildings are over 100 years old, but it is possible to find housing in good condition and with modern renovation.


An alternative would be to buy a property in Centro Tradicional. This is the best area for investment, as it attracts tourists due to its active life and many entertainments. The housing stock is represented not only by houses of the last century but also by new buildings.


Mercado Central is another part of a larger area. It is located near the market. The main advantage is affordable prices and the possibility of obtaining a license to rent out real estate.

Assistance in buying property in Spain


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