Garmin Fenix 7 Pro first picture reveals AI secret.

fenix 7 pro microsoft ai watchface
Image|via @a

Garmin Fenix 7 Pro first claimed-real picture reveals AI secret.

via @a (thank you)

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So here we have an image of a Garmin Fenix 7 supplied by @A which is claimed to be a Garmin Fenix 7 PRO but which is probably a Fenix 7 if you check the writing on the circular black bezel area. Apologies for the pixelated areas of the image which hide information that might identify the person who sent me the image.

Anyway, what is more, interesting is the image on the screen which the image owner claims shows a collaboration between Microsoft (Bing) and Garmin with an AI watch face

What The Leak Claims

The leak also claims that newly produced Fenix 7 SKUs and all the new Fenix 7 PRO SKUs will ship with a new watch face called “My Bing AI”.
Compatibility exists with the entire Fenix 7 and Epix 2 range and Venu 2 Plus (w/microphone), and probably others too.

How Could This Be AI on a Fenix

It’s highly unlikely that Fenix 7 (7 PRO) could run an AI like ChatGPT (Microsoft Bing) or Bard. If the image is authentic, it is more likely that there is an interaction between Bing on your smartphone and the Garmin Connect ecosystem. Specifically, the latter would link a Microsoft account to the Connect app and then provide dynamic insights pushed to a Microsoft-designed CIQ watch face via Bluetooth. That is what might be shown above.

In this scenario, Bing might be aware of the user’s inclination towards festivals from search history and suggest new, related content by sending a link to the watch face. Tapping the watch face could potentially reveal more details, but I expect that the more substantial information would be on the smartphone.


This story about the Fenix is given a tad more credibility by a related leak of a new Microsoft app for the Apple Watch. Although that app and anything to do with Bing in the Garmin CIQ ecosystem will be totally unrelated from a technical perspective, they probably could both be a product of the same commercial push by Microsoft to increase its presence on multiple platforms.

Image via Winfuture


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Garmin Fenix 7 Pro first picture reveals AI secret.

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19 thoughts on “Garmin Fenix 7 Pro first picture reveals AI secret.

  1. Sorry but I call BS on this. I don’t know if this “leaker” has provided any reliable information in the past but I would bet money on your warning being correct that this is just a photoshopped image.

    I’d say it’s more likely that someone sent you something absolutely bonkers to see if you would post it.

    1. they did follow up with some credible commentary..hence the post.
      I think the software is a real thing but this doesn’t look like a 7 PRO to me. That said I’m not going to take any bets!
      It’s an ‘of the moment’ type of feature and I would imagine that Microsoft is keen to expand all horizons. I can’t really see the point of this for a device with no microphone even less so on one which is tethered to a smartphone. (ie the microphone and LTE on my Apple watch handles Siri type requests reasonably well).

      1. The screen also looks too good to be a MIP display. The real watch cannot do such great colors or that bright of a white. Anyway, Garmin typically try the new “smartwatch” type of features on the fitness watches (vivoactive/venu) first.

      2. yeah the screen made me think twice. i think it is mip tho. i did colour balance the image before uploading and that could make the white whiter (I colour balance pretty much every image on this site)

    2. Yea, I’m thinking this is click bait at its worst. Don’t see any chance of reality in this “rumor”.

      1. I have had very very many ‘I told you so’ moments on this site.
        as i say, I’m less certain about this one but it passed the threshold for publication

  2. Makes me think that the Fenix 7 Pro may well come with similar functionality to the Venu 2 by way of a microphone and speaker. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense to have this running on a Fenix 7 if you’re going to need to grab your phone in order to run a search query. Would be eve more exciting if the Fenix 7 Pro came with LTE so that it could function independently of a phone.

  3. I’ll take that prior comment back. The holy grail of virtual assistants is to understand your interests, intentions and know exactly where you are physically before offering up recommendations.

    You could be walking through a certain district and Bing could flag that there’s a cheese festival 500m away (if that’s your thing), before asking if you’d like to navigate to it. All of this could happen independently of a microphone and speaker being needed.

    I’m with the other commenters in desperately not wanting such functionality as it sounds like a corporate hellacape where algorithms manipulate your behaviour and navigate you to an advertiser’s events rather whatever it is that you actually want to be doing.

    It’s inevitable sadly as it’s the sort of thing that set corp meeting rooms alight when they realise all of the additional revenue streams it brings in.

  4. do you think that *maybe* it could use LTE to talk to the AI?
    Or is garmin done with LTE after the 945LTE? lol

    1. thanks for the link.
      the words used in the paragraphs seem uninformed and guesswork, however the limited spec sheet looks vaguely sensible. that site won’t be the original source.

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