Garmin adds RED SHIFT Mode to Epix Pro Models

Garmin adds RED SHIFT Mode to Epix Pro Models

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Red Shift mode is more than just simply changing the display to red+black with wider changes to the interface and how the feature itself can be abled.

Q: What is RED SHIFT Mode?

Keeping the colours to RED and black helps to preserve your night vision and is also less visually intrusive in some circumstances.

Q: How do you enable RED SHIFT Mode?

Red Shift mode can be manually enabled. However, there are clever ways to auto-enable based on activities or time. For example during night runs and at certain other times of the day like when you are asleep.


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6 thoughts on “Garmin adds RED SHIFT Mode to Epix Pro Models

  1. Really curious about this feature. I can see that in some cases it would be useful. Probably really useful on brigth amoled display. I guest that it’s a feature than could be send to others devices like the 965 and 955.

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